Interactive Panel at Tufts Demystifies Scientific Research

Interactive Panel at Tufts Demystifies Scientific Research“Meet the Scientists” Event May 6 Introduces the Public to Leading Science Faculty
MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. — Five Tufts University faculty members who are leading researchers in their fields, including cancer, neurological disorders, and sea-level rise, will demystify the world of scientific research during an interactive panel on May 6 at 5:30 p.m. in Alumnae Lounge on Tufts University’s Medford/Somerville campus. The “Meet the Scientists” panel is part of a public outreach program to introduce more people to science and to encourage discussion of how careers in science function. The panel will be followed by an interactive workshop showcase with Tufts researchers, activities for all ages, and food and refreshments.
The panel is open to the general public and all Tufts’ faculty and students. Registration is available here. Members of the news media who would like to attend the panel should contact Katie Cinnamond Benoit at 617-627-4703 or Patrick Collins at 617-627-4173. 
“This public outreach program was designed to help demystify some of the misconceptions about what science researchers really do on a daily basis,” said Professor Claire Moore, director of the Training in Education And Critical Research Skills (TEACRS) Postdoctoral Training Program, the event’s co-sponsor. “The interactive panel will allow the public to talk to some of our researchers and to learn how they got into science and how they are tackling important scientific challenges.”
This event will feature the following Tufts experts:
· David Kaplan is a biomaterials and regenerative medicine expert. His lab has pioneered the study of silk-based biomaterials in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine;

· Michele Jacob is an expert on neurological disorders. Her research is helping

to identify mechanisms responsible for synaptic dysfunction in autism, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss and infantile spasms and seizures;

· Andrew Kemp is a sea level rise & climate change expert. His research aims to

produce high-resolution reconstructions of sea-level change over the last

2000 years;

· Linden Hu is a Lyme disease and practicing Infectious diseases physician. His laboratory works on the development of vaccines for Lyme disease and on understanding host-pathogen interactions that are responsible for the manifestations of human disease;

· Amy Yee is a breast cancer research expert. Her research combines clinical

and molecular approaches to identify new prognostic markers and therapeutic strategies for difficult breast cancers and for metastases to the brain.


This event is co-sponsored by the Tufts Institute for Innovation. Full details on the event are available at:

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