Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Shoplifting Assembly Row Nike Store Stephanie HAHN (Larceny – Shoplifting, Larceny – Theft from Person)

On Thursday, April 14, 2016 at 2:45 P.M., I received a call from Nike Loss Prevention Manager, XXXXX, stating she observed a white female, wearing glasses, a pink shirt and black jacket conceal merchandise and exit the store without making any attempt to purchase the merchandise.


On my way to Nike I received an update from XXXXX stating the female shoplifter also stole a customer’s shopping bags and was crossing Grand Union Blvd.


I located a female matching the description about to enter a parked motor vehicle bearing Alabama registration XXXXX. I informed Somerville Police Control of my location and stopped the female and identified her as Stephanie Hahn, the registered owner of the vehicle.


Ms. Hahn was carrying a handbag, and two shopping bags. I asked her to place all bags on the trunk of the car and asked her where she was coming from. Ms. Hahn replied “I’ll be honest with you I took some stuff from Nike.” I recovered one shirt and one pair of pants with Nike price tags attached from Ms. Hahn’s handbag (total value $94.98). When I asked Ms. Hahn about the content of the two shopping bags she had in her possession, she replied “I don’t know what’s in them.”


Officer Anderson responded to Nike and located the victim, YYYYY. YYYYY was accompanied by his girlfriend’s children and was shopping at the Nike store. YYYYY stated to Officer Anderson that he had asked the children to hold the bags and shortly after he was told by the nine year old child that she put the bags down and when she turned around they were gone.


I recovered a pair of wire cutters from Ms. Hahn’s handbag. I also recovered a power tool from the back seat of Ms. Hahn’s vehicle and a new pair of Nike shoes ($180.00) from the trunk of her vehicle. The shoes were returned to Nike along with the shirt and pants. The power tool and wire cutters will be placed into evidence. When I returned the recovered to Nike, I was informed by XXXXX that a security sensor was missing from the pair of pants.


I placed Ms. Hahn under arrest for Shoplifting by concealing, Removal of theft detection device, and Larceny from a person. She was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Kim and booked by Lieutenant DiGregorio.


I returned the two shopping bags to YYYYY. One bag contained a pair of Jeans from Kenneth Cole (value $ 49.99) and the other had a shirt, a pair of pants and a duffel bag from Adidas (total value $53.46). 


Photographs of the stolen merchandise and a copy of the receipt will be attached to this report.



Respectfully submitted,  




Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.



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