Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Paul STEWART (Poss. Class B, Somerville & Medford Warrants)


On Friday 04/15/16, while assigned to marked unit #781 West 7, I, Officer Collazo, along with Detective DiFronzo (Somerville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division), observed the defendant, Paul Stewart, walking at a gingerly pace in a hurried manner through Davis Square, Somerville. 


The defendant, who is known to me, had two outstanding arrest warrants (Docket #’s 1510CR000530 and 1510CR001692) seeking his apprehension and arrest. 


As the defendant entered the Tedeschi Food Shop located at 4 College Avenue, Somerville, I confirmed the arrest warrants via Somerville E911 Dispatch and the mobile data terminal (MDT) that is equipped within my police cruiser.


Upon receiving confirmation authenticating said warrants mandating the defendants arrest, myself and Detective DiFronzo entered the store and approached the defendant who was standing at the counter. Detective DiFronzo, with his badge displayed, verbally identified us as Somerville Police Officers. 


The defendant, confused at first, acknowledged our presence, and stated his name. Pursuant to his admission of his true identity, he was placed under arrest and escorted out of the store.


Adhering to the policies and procedures dictated by the Somerville Police Department, Detective DiFronzo conducted a search of the defendant’s person for weapons and/or contraband prior to transport. 


Detective DiFronzo observed/recovered a clear knotted glassine baggie that was concealed within the defendants right front sweatshirt pocket. The knotted glassine baggie contained the following items: 2 white/yellowish rocky substances and 3 individually knotted/wrapped clear glassine baggies that appeared to be crack cocaine, a class B substance as defined in the Massachusetts General Laws. 


In addition, Detective DiFronzo also observed/recovered another individually knotted/wrapped glassine baggie that was concealed within the defendants right front sweatshirt pocket. This item was consistent with the other evidentiary items located/recovered on the defendant’s person.


Based on my training and experience, I know that illicit narcotics in a solid form are commonly fractionalized and packaged in clear glassine plastic baggies and tied in a knot in preparation for street level distribution. 


I would note that a Board of Probation check was conducted and I learned that the defendant had a prior guilty finding for possession with the intent to distribute Class B. 


Therefore based on the aforementioned facts, along with the defendant’s extensive criminal history, he will be charged with the following crime: Drug, Possess To Distribute Class B Subsequent Offense, c94c S32A.


The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters by Officer Fusco in mobile detention unit #200 and booked in the usual manner by Lt. DiGregorio.


All evidentiary items were photographed and entered into evidence. The preliminary weight of the narcotics seized was 12 grams. The said items will be sent to the Massachusetts State Crime Lab for analysis.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Ariel Collazo #268

Somerville Police Department

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