Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jose SALAZAR (Receiving Stolen Property)

On Friday, March 25th, 2016, I, Officer Devin Schneider, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit East-4 during the day shift. The following report is a summary of events that I witnessed that day, as they pertain to incident #16016705:


At approximately 12:46 pm I was on patrol in the area of Foss Park, when I observed a Hispanic male walking Eastbound down the sidewalk that runs between Foss Park and the parking lot adjoining Broadway. I immediately recognized the male as a suspect in a crime that occurred on 3/11/2016, where I had observed the suspect on a video recording stealing cash. I contacted the Detective assigned to the case, Detective Michael Perrone (D-6), who confirmed that he needed to speak with and identify the suspect.


Officer Timothy Van Nostrand (East-1) and I approached the suspect on foot and stopped him. The suspect provided a passport that showed his name to be Jose Salazar. It became apparent that the suspect did not speak English well, and a Spanish speaking Officer was called for to help translate. A short time later, Officer Juan Ducasse (West-5) arrived on scene to translate, along with Detective Perrone.


Officer Ducasse read Mr. Salazar his Miranda rights from a pre-printed card, in Mr. Salazar’s native language of Spanish. I would note that all subsequent conversations were translated through Officer Ducasse in Spanish. I asked Mr. Salazar if I could look inside a backpack he was carrying and he provided consent.


Inside the main pouch of the backpack I discovered three cell phones, three cameras, and a pink cell phone case which was still in the package. I estimated the value of the electronics to be well over $250. Based on my training and experience, I know that carrying a large amount of electronics around in a backpack can be indicative of criminal activity; such as breaking and entering. I asked Mr. Salazar if he had stolen these items, and he stated that his cousin had stolen the electronics. After confirming that Mr. Salazar knew that the electronics were stolen, I asked Mr. Salazar how he had gotten them from his cousin, to which he replied that he had purchased them.


After Detective Perrone asked Mr. Salazar some investigatory questions related to cash larceny, I placed Mr. Salazar under arrest for the crime of M.G.L. Chapter 266, Section 60: Receiving Stolen Property. I placed Mr. Salazar into handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training, and double locked the handcuffs. Mr. Salazar was transported back to the Somerville police station in prisoner transport unit 200, operated by Officer Brian Pavao. At the station, Mr. Salazar was booked in the usual manner by the commanding officer, Sergeant Diogo DeOliveira.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Devin Schneider

Badge #295


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