Real Life Somerville Police Stories:John SAVAGE (Larceny, Poss. Class E, Poss. Class A)




On 03/19/2016, I, Officer Albert Gee assigned to West 5, was dispatched with Officer Marc Difava assigned to West 6 to 84 Rogers Ave for a white male wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and sunglasses who stole a package from a house on Rogers Ave and was heading toward Broadway. 


        I approached Rogers Ave with Officer Ashley Catatao assigned to East 4 from Broadway and I noticed a man, later identified to us as Mr. John Savage wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and jeans walking in the driveway of 122 Rogers Ave. We parked our cruisers and approached the driveway. I noticed he was seated and did not see us because he was facing away from us as we approached. I said, “Hey buddy”, as he turned toward us and I saw a knife and syringe in front of him on the ground and he was holding a shiny object in his left hand. I grabbed his right hand and Officer Catatao grabbed his left hand. I told him we were going to hand-cuff him for his and our protection. I placed my hand-cuffs on his right hand and I noticed he tossed the shiny object on the ground and I saw a small glassine bag travel in the same direction as the shiny object.


        I asked him if he had anything else sharp on him because I noticed the knife and syringe on the ground and he may have another. He said he did not. Officer Catatao and I patted him down. Officer Catatao found a Marlboro 100’s box containing two small glassine baggies with a brown substance that appeared to be heroin from the left hand pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. She also found an Altoids tin containing numerous small green tablets. I found a large brown cylindrical pill bottle containing numerous white oval pills and some Suboxone strips in the right hand pocket of his hooded sweatshirt. The label stated it was Gabapentin and it was prescribed to him, John Savage. I asked Mr. Savage who’s Suboxone was it and he said it was his and he had a prescription for it but it was at home. I then asked him what the green pills were and he said it was his girlfriend’s Clonazepam and he was holding it for her. I asked him where she lived and he said over there but couldn’t tell me the address. I asked him what the brown powdery substance was and he said you know what it is and you are gonna arrest me and I told him he was under arrest.


        Officer Catatao retrieved the shiny object and the glassine bag he threw. It appears to be the bottom half of a green can and the glassine bag was open and it contained a small amount of a brown powdery substance. I did notice the top of the La Croix lime green soda can on the driveway in front of Mr. Savage. I also saw a new package of Scotch-Brite sponges in the driveway.


        Officer Difava spoke with the reporting party, XXXXX. He stated that he saw the suspect rummaging through the Amazon box at 83 Rogers Ave. He yelled to him that it was not his and he walked way heading toward Broadway holding a couple small objects in his hand. Officer Difava asked him if he would identify the suspect as the person who took the items from the box and he agreed. Officer Difava drove XXXXX in his cruiser to our location and XXXXX said That’s him, that’s the guy. Officer Difava completed a show up form and XXXXX signed it.


        Officer Catatao confiscated and disposed of the syringe in the needle box in the back of her cruiser.


        I contacted Somerville Control and requested the mobile transport unit. Mr. Savage was transported to the station and booked in the usual manner. 


        I am charging Mr. Savage with Larceny under $250.00, Possession of a Class A substance, and two counts of possession of a Class E substance.


        I retrieved the package from 83 Rogers Ave and the shipping label said it was delivered to YYYYY. The Amazon Pantry box contained a box of trash bags, Oreo cookies, olive oil crackers, vanilla cookies, Goldfish crackers, Tampax, 2 boxes of Cascade, Triscuits, Kleenex, popcorn, and an opened box of La Croix lime soda. I would note that one of the cans of the 12 pack of La Croix soda was missing. I did find a cut apart can of La Croix soda with Mr. Savage. 


Respectfully Submitted,



Officer Albert Gee #287.

Somerville Police Dept.

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