Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Edward TARENCZ (Disorderly Conduct, ABPO, Resisting Arrest)


While in community policing ward 2 in full uniform I observed Mr. Tarencz in the ATM machine at 64 Union Square. He was not allowing people into the ATM. I approached him and told him to leave at which point he started swearing telling me “f*** Me”, he then slammed the door open and ran into the street and threw a bag at a moving car with three females in the car. He struck the vehicle when he tossed a full garbage bag at the vehicle.

                Mr. Tarencz is known to me and I know he can be violent. I called for backup. He proceeded into the Check Exchange Union Square. He saw me approach and exited the Check Exchange slamming the door open and crossing to

257 Washington street to Juliet’s Restaurant. He then tossed a large chalkboard sign for Juliet’s onto the ground while the diner was still open.

                I heard my backup and saw Officer Pasqualino pull up in Car East 3. I then approached Mr. Tarencz to stop his acts of violence, he told me to “go f*** myself” and continued to move forward . I grabbed his arm and he started to violently resist. Officer Pasqualino and myself took him to the ground.

                 He continued to resist and tried to bite my fingers and he said ” I am a vampire”. He would not allow himself to be cuffed pushing and tugging and trying to bite. Officer Pasqualino applied a short burst of chemical spray at which point he stopped resisting long enough to handcuff him.

                 Officer Collete showed up to assist and while we were trying to get him to his feet and he was still on the ground he kicked me in the chest with his feet.

                      I arrested Mr. Tarencz for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer. Officer Pavao transported the subject in the mobile detention unit 200.


Respectfully Submitted

                        Anthony M. Manzelli B189

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