Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Angela GRASSA (Fail to Stop for Police, Disorderly Conduct)


On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, while assigned to marked unit East-4, I was assisting marked unit East-1, Officer Goncalves, at the Edgerly School, for the report of a possible fire on the roof.


While assisting SFD at the corner of Bonair and Cross Street, I heard a vehicle horn continuously going off. When I looked down Cross Street, closest to Broadway, I observed a school bus with its red, flashing lights and “Stop” sign extended. I approached the school bus and asked the driver “which vehicle is beeping at you?” The driver replied “the white SUV behind me.” When I looked behind the school bus, I observed a white SUV, one car behind the school bus. I waved the school bus and the vehicle behind it through and stopped the white SUV at Cross Street and Bonair. When I approached the passenger side window, I observed the driver to be Angela Grassa.


Grassa was operating Massachusetts registration 2SK639, which is registered to XXXXX. XXXXX came in to the Somerville Police Department on Friday, March 11, 2016, to ask me to assist her in cancelling the registration for 2SK639. We were able cancel the registration. I knew right away that the vehicle’s registration had been cancelled and I also had Somerville Control confirm that the registration was cancelled. I told Grassa to pull over to the side of the road and Grassa responded “For what? I’m very busy. I’m trying to drop my kids off at school.” Grassa had both her son and daughter in the vehicle and they are both students at the East Somerville Community School. I told Grassa she could pull over and the children could walk the rest of the way. From the Edgerly Education Center to the East Somerville Community School it is approximately 500 feet. Grassa kept repeating that “I have to drop my kids off,” and then proceeded to drive away, refusing to stop. I immediately alerted Somerville Control and the officers in the area that a vehicle I was attempting to stop took off and was heading towards Pearl Street. Detail officers Michael Wyatt and Brian Pavao, who were on detail on Pearl Street, observed Grassa driving down Pearl Street towards Franklin Street. Officer Pavao was able to stop Grassa at Pearl Street and Franklin Street. Cross Street, Pearl Street, and Franklin Street are all public ways in the city of Somerville.


I made my way to Pearl and Franklin Street and upon arriving, I saw that Officer Pavao had already had Grassa outside the vehicle. I approached Grassa and I told her to take a seat on the curb. Grassa refused. I asked her again several times to take a seat on the curb and she refused each time. I then assisted Grassa onto the curb.


At this point I placed Grassa under arrest for refusing to stop for a police officer and for disorderly conduct. Grassa continued screaming and yelling.


Sgt. Ward authorized a tow for MA 2SK639 for unregistered. I then asked Somerville Control to send marked unit 200, to transport Grassa to the Somerville Police Department to be booked by the shift commander, Lt. Rymill. Pat’s Towing towed the vehicle and both plates were confiscated.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Ashley Catatao #299

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