Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mauricio ORTEGA (A&B on Police Officer, Threat to Commit Crime, Shoplifting) at Winter Hill Liquor Mart


On the above date and time, Officer Christopher Collette and I, were dispatched to 300 Broadway for a Massachusetts State Trooper in need of assistance. Officer Collette had arrived on scene prior to my arrival.


Upon my arrival, I observed Officer Collette and Trooper Ryan Resmini (in plain clothing), standing next to the defendant, Mauricio Ortega, who had been placed in handcuffs. Trooper Resmini stated that he observed Ortega attempt to leave the Winter Hill Liquor Mart without paying for the two bottles of champagne. Trooper Resmini displayed his Massachusetts State Police shield, and began to engage Ortega in conversation. Ortega became boisterous, irate, and hostile by screaming obscenities at Trooper Resmini. During his verbal tirade, Ortega threatened to shoot Trooper Resmini. Ortega then shoved Trooper Resmini on the chest, and he fled the scene. Trooper Resmini quickly detained Ortega at 300 Broadway, until Somerville Police Units arrived.


I spoke with XXXXX, who was working at the store counter. He stated that he observed Ortega place a bottle of Korbel down his pants, and immediately engaged him in conversation. At this point, Trooper Resmini and intervened to assist XXXXX. XXXXX also stated that he heard Ortega scream threats and obscenities at Trooper Resmini, and XXXXX also stated that he observed Ortega elbow strike Trooper Pefine on the chest.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272


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