Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Tucidides ZABALA (Assault with Dangerous Weapon)

On Monday, March 14th, at approximately 7:18 p.m., I, Officer Goncalves, while in full uniform and assigned to area East 4 was dispatched to 46 Broadway (Broadway Convenience) for a Weapons call. Officers Goulart (East 2) and Jean-Jacques (Sector West) were also dispatched. Somerville Dispatch informed units that the reporting party stated that a male on scene was threatening her with a knife; she would be waiting outside across the street.


Upon Officers arrival, we were met with the reporting parties/victims; XXXXX and YYYYY. located directly in front of 44 Broadway. XXXXX quickly told me that when she and YYYYY attempted to enter 46 Broadway, the clerk later identified as Mr. Tucidides Zabala, told her that she was not welcomed in the store and that she had to leave. As XXXXX and YYYYY turned to leave Mr. Zabala began to chase them with a pocket knife and later on with a hatchet.


I told XXXXX and YYYYY to remain outside as Officers entered 46 Broadway to speak with Mr. Zabala. Mr. Zabala came to the front door to unlock it. We immediately asked him if he had any weapons on him or inside the store and he stated no, I don’t have anything. He simultaneously began to reach for his back left jean pocket. At this point Officer Jean-Jacques and Officer Goulart were able to restrain Mr. Zabala’s arms and hands as I reached into his back pocket and pulled out a red and black folding pocket knife. Mr. Zabala was then placed in handcuffs for Officer Safety.


As I searched the rest of the store and made my way behind the counter I noticed a hatchet approximately 12 inches in length with a light wooden handle, located on the floor underneath the cash register.

At this point in time, I asked Mr. Zabala to give me his account of what occurred. He stated that he was behind the counter when XXXXX and YYYYY walked into the store. He immediately told them that they were not allowed in there based on a prior incident that occurred months ago. 


I asked Mr. Zabala if he had brandished any weapons to which he replied that he had to because XXXXX and YYYYY were not suppose to be in there and he believed that was the only way to get them out. He also stated that he just took the knife out of his pocket and showed it, but did not wave it or swing it towards XXXXX or YYYYY. He stated to Officers several times what was I suppose to do?


After getting Mr. Zabala’s statement I was able to go back outside and speak with both victims to get a more detailed account; I spoke to each victim separately. XXXXX stated that as she and YYYYY first entered the convenience store Mr. Zabala told them he did not want them there and that they had to leave. As they approached the door to exit, Mr. Zabala then came around the counter and brandished what they described as a red pocket knife with a 3-4 inch blade. Both victims then quickly exited the store and stood in front of 44 Broadway (corner of Broadway and George St.) and called police. While XXXXX was on the phone with police, she stated Mr. Zabala exited the store and stood at the corner directly across from her, swinging what she described to be a hatchet, approximately 12 inches in length with a wooden handle. Mr. Zabala saw XXXXX on the phone and proceeded back inside the store and locked the doors. After about a minute or so Mr. Zabala returned outside, once more carrying the same hatchet. This time he began to swing it against a light pole located at the corner directly in front of 46 Broadway. He did this for several seconds before entering the store and locking the doors. At this time, XXXXX stated that Officers arrived on scene. YYYYY was able to corroborate this exact information.


Based on the above information as well as both victims’ stories, I placed Mr. Zabala under the arrest for the violation of M.G.L c265 c15B, Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (2 counts- Knife and Hatchet). He was transported by Officer Isaacs in marked wagon 200 to Somerville Police Headquarters where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Rymill. During the booking process, I was present, and Mr. Zabala repeated to me once more What was I suppose to do, I had to defend myself.


Respectfully Submitted,



Officer C. Goncalves, #314



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