Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Steven SHEA (Shoplifting, Receiving Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest)at Puma Assembly Row Somerville 

On Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 6:05 P.M., I received a call on my department issued phone from Puma store manager, XXXXX, stating a male entered the store with two empty bags and left with the bags full, activating the security system as he exited the store. XXXXX stated the man made no attempt to purchase the merchandise.


XXXXX described the man as white, wearing a blue jacket, white hat walking east on Artisan Way. I searched the area and located a male matching the description, accompanied by a white female walking towards Assembly Square Train station. I ordered them to stop; they ignored my commands and entered the train station. As I stopped the male, the unidentified female ran to the platform and entered an inbound train going towards Boston. When I informed the male that he was under arrest, he broke away and ran towards the exit.


I ran after him, and was able to stop him using a leg sweep takedown then placed him in handcuffs. At this time, Sergeant Ward and Officer Omeara responded as backup. The man was identified as Steven Shea, he had two plastic shopping bags containing several items of clothing with the price tags and security tags attached.


I recovered two jackets, two hats, and a pair of pants (property of Puma total value $245.00), a pair of sneakers (property of Nike value $109.99) a pair of pants (property of Reebok $20.99), a sweater (property of Banana Republic $54.99) and a shirt (property of Charlotte Russe $24.99).


All items recovered from the bags Mr. Shea had in his possession were returned to the stores. Mr. Shea was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer McCarey and booked by Lieutenant Rymill for Shoplifting by Asportation, Receiving Stolen Property under $250, and Resisting Arrest.


Respectfully submitted, 


Officer Samir Messaoudi


Somerville Police Dept.


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