Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Glenn KETTERLE (Bicycle Violation, Refuse to ID Self)


On February 23, 2016 at approximately 0900 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau.

I was conducting enforcement throughout the City and was approaching the Powderhouse rotary from Powderhouse Boulevard, both public ways within the City of Somerville. I observed a bicycle traveling thru the Rotary towards a Red traffic signal, activated by Pedestrians, at Powderhouse Boulevard. The Bicyclist traveled past stopped vehicles and thru the Red light towards College Avenue. I activated blue lights and siren finally stopping the bicyclist on College Ave, a few businesses South of the rotary. I approached the bicyclist, later identified as the defendant in this matter, and requested his license or any form of identification. The defendant stated he left his identification at home so I got a pad of paper and requested his name and information. The defendant stated his name was Harold Kennedy (had him spell it) and provided a date of birth and social security number. I sensed some hesitation when the defendant gave me information that he should readily know, then queried it through the RMV. The dispatcher stated there was no info on Mr. Kennedy and the Social also produced no results. I returned to the defendant and called his bluff stating, before I arrest you, what’s your real name and date of birth? The defendant stated Glenn Ketterle, and as I initially wrote it down he stated “officer that’s two N’s in Glenn”. The defendant stated his date of birth. After I acquired the information I placed the defendant into custody and called for the mobile detention unit. A check of the defendants bicycle saddle bags showed a Massachusetts License, under Glenn Ketterle, which he refused to provide to me.

        The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station for booking by Lt. Mulcahy. Citation # R7094303 was issued to the defendant at the Police Station.


                       Respectfully Submitted,

                                    Ofc Robert W Hickey

5 thoughts on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Glenn KETTERLE (Bicycle Violation, Refuse to ID Self)”

  1. Very much agree with Bob Adams and sorry don’t find that the officer stopping the cyclists for going thru a red light is a waste of police resource. The cyclist broke the law & isn’t the entire purpose of the police is to enforce the law & protect the public? Why is it ok for cyclists to cruise thru the city streets & not follow the law. Now if that rider got hit by a car he would be blaming the driver of the car b/c that person was in a 2ton vehicle & he was on a 70pnd bike. I am so tired of this!!! It is not ok for a person riding on a bike to go thru a red light or not stop for a person in a crosswalk & to not follow the rest of the laws that were created to protect that rider and the rest of the public.

  2. Guys, he gave a fake name to the cop and claimed he didn’t have an ID. The cop didn’t buy it, and arrested him. Bagged, baby. Wasting a cop’s time and the city’s resources – dirtball.

  3. What a waste of police resources. Going through a red light on a bike is wrong, but only as wrong as a person jay-walking. How many jay-walkers did you stop that day? Rotaries were build for high-volume automotive traffic. Biking through that rotary is incredibly scary as a cyclist because drivers have so many things to be looking for (other cars, people crossing, the traffic lights, etc) that it’s easy for a driver to not see or expect a person riding a bike. So when the rotary stops for that red light, can you really blame a person riding a bike for taking advantage of the safe passage? Rotaries are car powered human meat grinders. If safety of all road isers is TRULY your concern, you should be spending your time ticketing speeders, dou le parkers, and cyclists who bob and weave through groups of pedestrians.

    Sure the guys shouldn’t have lied to you, but you can maybe understand that the bike rider didn’t see anything wrong with what he did because he perhaps was acting in self preservation, and didn’t think he should be punished for that.

    Safety first, wrist slapping second.

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