GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS WEDNESDAY, February 17, the 48th day of 2016 with 318 to follow. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 6:39 and sunset is @ 5:17. The moon is waxing. The morning stars are stars are, Mercury & Venus. The evening stars are Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Saturn & Uranus.

ON THIS DAY IN: 1801 – The U.S. House of Representatives broke an electoral tie between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. Jefferson was elected president and Burr became vice president.  Continue reading GOOD MORNING – TODAY IS by John Dwyer 

Latest Somerville Neighborhood News #58

Somerville Neighborhood News is a production of Somerville Community Access Television, made by professional journalists, volunteers and staff. The half-hour news show has as its mission to provide a lively, informative newscast focusing on the events, issues and information impacting Somerville residents. In epsidoe #58 of Somerville Neighborhood News we explore: the many affordable housing proposals on the table, find out more about the middle school health survey results and more!