Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Timothy JONES (Larceny)

The following is a brief summary of events. It may not contain every detail of this incident. Details not found in this brief summary may be found in subsequent reports.:


On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, I was assigned to patrol unit E-2 and working the 800am-400pm shift. At approximately 11:37am, I was dispatched to 11 Union Square, All Checks Cashed, for a report of a larceny from a person that had just happened. Upon arrival at this location I met with the victim of this larceny, XXXXX. I observed XXXXX to be so shaken up that she was having difficulty breathing. There were several people, including both employees and patrons, trying to calm her down so she could regain a normal breathing pattern. When she was finally able to speak to me I learned the following facts:


XXXXX, who is on a fixed income, had come to All Checks Cashed, like she does every month, to get a money order to pay her rent as well as pay other bills. The cashier, YYYYY, handed her a money order for $870.00, as well as $188.43 cash and XXXXX’s Massachusetts drivers license. The money order, cash and driver’s license were in a white envelope. Upon receiving the envelope, XXXXX put it down for a moment on the counter while she looked for her keys in her pocketbook. She took notice of a male, black, in his 50’s, standing next to her at the counter. She then left the business and went next door to the Midnight Variety Store, of which the entrance is less than 3 seconds away, and went inside. Within seconds, she realized that she had left the aforementioned envelope back on the counter at All Checks Cashed. By the time she went back to get it, which was probably about 1 minute, both the envelope and the aforementioned male were both gone. She told the cashier, YYYYY, what had happened, and a 9-1-1 call was placed.


Next, I spoke with YYYYY. She told me that the man who was standing right next to XXXXX at counter had just cashed a check prior to the larceny happening. She showed me the check that was cashed and who it was made out to. It was a US Treasury check for $11.62 made out to Timothy P. Jones of 24 North Street, Somerville. After the check-cashing fees were subtracted, Jones walked away with a grand total of $8.12. YYYYY then showed me the form that had all of Jones’ personal information on it. This form is required to be filled out in order for a All Checks Cashed to cash a person’s check. On this form, along with Jones’ name and address was his cell phone number. YYYYY said that she called Jones’s number, and asked “Is this Timothy Jones”? The male on the other end replied simply, “No…wrong number”, and hung up. Recognizing this voice as the same as the man who had been her customer only a short while earlier, YYYYY called him again. This time she told him that she knew he stole the envelope and that she was going to call the police. When he denied it, whereas at first he would wouldn’t even admit to being Timothy Jones, she told him it was all on video. Jones hung up again.


After speaking with YYYYY, I then viewed the surveillance video of the entire incident. This video clearly shows XXXXX complete her transaction with YYYYY and then move her oxygen tanks out of the way to make room for this man who was standing next to her. XXXXX can then be seen putting the envelope down on the counter, inches from herself, while she fiddled around in her pocket book. The video then shows this man scoop up the envelope and leave All Checks Cashed. The video showed this man to be black, wearing a dark jacket and pants and taller than XXXXX.


As I gave this information out over the radio, Officer Canty (W-6,) transmitted that a man fitting that description had just walked up to him near North Street and handed him an envelope with XXXXX’s license, a money order for $870.00 and $118.10 in cash. This man, identified as Timothy Jones, claimed that he had found this envelope at All Checks Cashed and was meaning to return it the SPD West Precinct but that it was closed. (I would note that the SPD Headquarters is less than 3 blocks away from All Checks Cashed, where Jones “found” the envelope, and that the SPD West Precinct is about 3 miles away.) Jones then said to Officer Canty as he walked away, “I guess there’s still some honest people in the world”. At the time, Officer Canty was unaware that the larceny had occurred and that “Honest” Timothy Jones had committed it and had already spent over $70.00 of XXXXX’s money. When I radioed that this man was the suspect, Officer Canty was able to track him down and place him under arrest at my direction.


Respectfully Submitted,


Detective Paul Duffy #200


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  1. This man is Rev Timothy P Jones and know right from wrong. He must be on drugs. He took that envelope on purpose and his caution with the phone call got to him. He really needs help. If it take a month in jail or more this man really needs help.

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