Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Brian GIGUERE & Andrew CHAGARIS (Larceny & Conspiracy)

On Thursday, February 18, 2016, Officer Schneider and I were in full uniform patrol in marked unit (E1). At approximately 6:52 PM, we were dispatched along with Officer Wolf Berrouet (E4) to the Adidas store for a shoplifting in progress.


     Upon arrival we located two individuals that matched the description of the suspects in front of Saks off Fifth Avenue. Officer Schneider and I stopped the individuals and questioned them. The two individuals were identified as Brian Giguere and Andrew Chagaris. I observed Mr. Giguere carrying a large Macy bag with items inside along with a large red gift bag that also contained items inside. I would note that there is not a Macy’s store anywhere near the vicinity of the Assembly Row shopping area. Mr. Giguere became non compliant with my orders for officer safety, and at that point he was pat frisked and placed in handcuffs for officer safety.


     I searched the bags that Mr. Giguere had possession of and discovered six pairs dark gray Adidas pants that were new with price tags still attached and no receipt, all inside of the large white Bed Bath and Beyond bag. Mr. Giguere then confessed to stealing all of the merchandise I discovered, and stated that Mr. Chagaris was not involved nor present at the time of the thefts.


     Officer Berrouet was advised by Security Officer XXXXX that there was additional stolen items associated to these two individuals located behind to the beer garden. Officer Wolf arrived back to our location with the two bags that contained three pairs of Nike Air max shoes and three pairs of True Religion jeans. Mr. Giguere confessed to stealing those items also. Assembly Row Security dispatch notified us that they had video footage of the two individual in the area with bags in their possession.


     Mr. Giguere and Mr. Chagaris were placed under arrest and charged with

Larceny over $250 c266 s30 & Conspiracy c274 s7


     We were escorted to security dispatch by XXXXX where we observed video footage of Mr. Giguere and Mr. Chagaris walking together with the bags that were confiscated by us on scene. Video footage shows both individual walking behind the beer tent out of camera view then re-appearing a few minutes later. The two suspects continued to walk down the sidewalk past Saks. I observed on the video that Mr. Chagaris handed one of the bags to Mr. Giguere just as Officers arrived on scene.


      We conducted a follow up at the Adidas store and spoke to the manager YYYYY who stated that she witnessed Mr. Giguere and Mr. Chagaris enter the store. YYYYY observed Mr. Chagris standing near a back aisle of the store, looking around in a way she described as being a “look-out.” YYYYY went over to investigate and observed Mr. Giguere attempting to steal four NBA jersey by placing them in a bag that he had brought into the store. YYYYY was able to retrieve the merchandise. After Mr. Giguere and Mr. Chagaris exited the store YYYYY noticed that there were several clothes hangers that were missing items, and she contacted the police.


     We conducted a follow up at Nike and spoke to manager ZZZZZ. ZZZZZ was able to provide us with video footage that showed Mr. Giguere and Mr. Chagaris enter the store. Mr. Giguere was observed on video footage removing multiple pairs of sneaker and placing them in a plastic bag. Mr. Chagaris can be spotted on video aimlessly looking at items but positioned where he can also make eye contact with Mr. Giguere. After Mr. Giguere places the three pairs of sneakers inside the bag, he quickly exits the store and Mr. Chagaris follows. ZZZZZ confirms the location Mr. Giguere was observed taking the sneakers, where the exact location of the sneakers that we recovered.


     We conducted a follow up at Saks Fifth Avenue and spoke to store manager AAAAA. AAAAA confirmed that the items we recovered did belong to the store. We were unable to obtain video footage at the time.



Respectfully submitted,


Officer Orlando Jacquet #331

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