Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Mary WOLUSKY (Larceny, Receiving Stolen Property)Shoplifting at TJ Max Assembly Row


On January 22, 2016, I was working in full uniform in marked unit 871. At 8:31 P.M. I was dispatched to the parking lot of TJ Maxx along with Officer Goulart for a report of a shoplifter. Upon arrival we were met by a member of Assembly Row security, XXXXX, who pointed out the female shoplifter. As I pulled into the lot where XXXXX was pointing to a tall female, thin build in her 40’s, wearing a dark brown cardigan, jeans, and high cut boots. This female was later identified as Ms. Mary Wolusky. Ms. Wolusky saw that I had pulled up behind her and immediately threw a large TJ Maxx bag in front of a parked taxi. Officer Goulart retrieved the TJ Maxx bag which contained a variety of merchandise with the tags still on them.


The clothing was merchandise from the Express Outlet and the Loft Store. Officer Goulart then returned to both stores to have all the items appraised for their value. When he returned with the receipts I was informed that the total value of the clothing from both stores was $816.46. The Express Outlets had valued all their merchandise at $571.35, and the Loft Store had valued all their merchandise at $245.11.


According to the assistant manager of Express, she witnessed Ms. Wolusky holding up a pair of jeans in the air from across the store. At this time she went over to her to ask her if she needed any help and to keep an eye on her because Ms. Wolusky is known to her from prior incidents. While speaking with Ms. Wolusky the assistant manager noticed merchandise from the store still with tags on them in Ms. Woluskys TJ Maxx bag. She stated that she was there to return those items and became very defensive. Shortly after the assistant manager called security and Ms. Wolusky left the store. After speaking with the employees of Express, I went to the Loft store to speak with them. One of the employees stated that he saw Ms. Wolusky inside the store shopping around for a while and did not purchase anything. When she left the store she set the security alarms off.


Due to the fact that neither store has security footage of the incident , I asked the employees who saw Ms. Wolusky inside the stores to describe the shoplifter to the best of their abilities. Both employees described Ms. Wolusky’s clothing, build, and even noticed that she had a tattoo on her wrist. 


Ms. Wolusky was placed under arrest for Larceny over $250.00 and Receiving Stolen Property under $250.00. She was transported back to Somerville Police Station via unit 200 and booked by Sgt. Fusco.



Respectfully Submitted,



Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320



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