Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Tomas BOUKNIGHT (MV Violations)

On Thursday, January 21, 2016, I Officer Joseph Moreira, was in full uniform operating marked unit 871. While traveling on Temple Street, a public way in the City of Somerville, I observed what I believed to be a black Honda coupe without a registration plate attached to the vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. I brought my cruiser to a stop in an attempt to get a better look of the vehicle, but it made a left turn into the parking lot of 299 Broadway. At this point I turned my vehicle around to investigate further; I entered the parking lot and saw the vehicle exiting the parking lot using the Temple Street exit. I was able to confirm that the vehicle in question did not have its registration plates displayed.


        The coupe was occupied by two male parties, the operator of the vehicle made a right turn back onto Temple Street. As I exited the parking lot of 299 Broadway, the vehicle began to accelerate down Temple Street towards Mystic Avenue. As we approached the intersection of Jacques Street and Temple Street, the traffic light had just turned red and the operator accelerated through the intersection. It was at this time I activated my blue lights and sirens and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. Once I made it safely through the intersection I was about 100 yards away from the vehicle while it was still accelerating. In an attempt to get closer to the vehicle in question, I accelerated my cruiser to close the gap between myself and the black Honda so that the operator knew that he was the vehicle I was trying to stop. The operator of the vehicle continued to accelerate down Temple Street, as he reached Memorial Road the operator drove his vehicle across the oncoming lane of traffic up onto the sidewalk into a small city garden, destroying a rod iron fence and a small tree. The accident occurred approximately 300 yards from the intersection of Jacques and Temple.


        Upon impact, both the operator and the passenger opened their doors and looked as if they were going to flee the scene. Just as the occupants exited the vehicle I stopped my cruiser and gave verbal commands to remain inside the vehicle. I notified dispatch of my location and what had just occurred. I approached the vehicle and removed the operator from the vehicle and placed him in handcuffs. Officer Sean Brown of the Somerville Housing Police was the first to arrive on scene as my back up. Once he arrived, I removed the passenger and placed him in hand cuffs as well during the investigation. The operator was identified as Mr. Tomas Lee Bouknight and the passenger was identified as XXXXX. Once both parties were removed from the vehicle they were pat frisked for weapons, a three inch knife was recovered from Mr. Bouknight’s waistband. After having dispatch run both Mr. Bouknight and XXXXX for warrants and license status, I learned that Mr. Bouknight had his driver’s license denied by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. A search of the VIN number showed that it was not registered or insured.


Mr. Tomas Lee Bouknight was issued a Massachusetts Uniform Citation(s) R6638414 , R6638415.


Mr. Bouknight was transported back to Somerville Police Station by Unit 200 operated by Officer Diaz and was booked by Sgt. Shackelford. Mr. Bouknight is charged with the following:


90/24/E – Negligent Operation of a Motor vehicle

90/25/D – Failure to Stop of Police

90/10/A – Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle

90/34J/B – Uninsured Motor Vehicle

90/9/B – Unregistered Motor Vehicle

89/9 – Failure to Stop – Red Light

9/96 – VCO Possession of a Dangerous Weapon


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Joseph Moreira

Somerville Police Department

Patrolman #320


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