Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Stolen Moped

I am the primary investigator assigned to this matter. On 12/04 while assigned as Night Detective Supervisor I had occasion to speak with two brothers who had responded to the lobby of the stationhouse to report that they had located what they believed to be XXXXX’s stolen 2015 Bashan, 1.8 horsepower, 49.5 cc, moped/scooter being offered for sale on the ‘OfferUp’ Internet sales site. The spokesperson for these two was XXXXX’s brother YYYYY as XXXXX does not speak English. YYYYY stated that the brothers were arranging to meet with the seller of the aforementioned scooter. In order to draw suspicion away from this scooter (with an asking price of $450) they alluded to a second posting of a more expensive scooter, a Yamaha, royal blue, Zuma (with an asking price of $950). During the bartering the seller, ‘Jimmy’, alluded to a bill of sales, that the Zuma comes with a key, and, already has a sticker on it. During several texts from phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX the seller ‘Jimmy’ steers the buyers to view the two scooters at Mt. Vernon Street. During the exchange a ‘special deal’ is bartered where ‘Jimmy’ combines the two scooters for a total sale price of $900. I explained to the brothers that I would respond to the area of the sale and arranged for them to respond in their vehicle a safe distance away on the opposite side of the street. After a prearranged signal I observed a four door sedan speed down Mt. Vernon Street and park adjacent to Mt. Vernon Street. I observed that this vehicle was occupied four times. I watched the rear driver’s side male passenger exit this vehicle, run up the street, and, cross over to the brother’s vehicle. After a brief conversation this male ran into the alley and as I watched him wheel one of the aforementioned scooters onto the sidewalk I illuminated this male, ordered him to ‘freeze, do not move’.


After securing all parties aforementioned and clearing them all for weapons I approached the male who had wheeled the scooter onto the sidewalk. After advising him of his rights under the Miranda decision I asked him why he was wheeling the scooter onto the sidewalk and he stated, “I am selling it”. When I inquired as to the second scooter he had contracted to sell he went silent. I then walked this suspect’s route and in plain view I observed three more scooters covered with tarps. I located the stolen Bashan and walked back to the suspect. When I inquired as to why he was attempting to sell a stolen moped he stated ‘all of the scooters at the rear of the property were his father’s. When I informed him that his father was then subject to arrest/prosecution he stated ‘that the second scooter I was referring to is owned by a friend’. When I inquired as to his friend’s name he stated ‘I don’t remember’. I informed the suspect, Carnell Solomon, that he was under arrest for receiving stolen property over $250. After securing Mr. Solomon for transport I had the brothers respond to the rear of the property and they both positively identified the Bashan. Both the Yuma and the Bashan were seized by me for evidence.



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