Reality Bites by James A. Norton


Sometimes an eye for an eye is just what the doctor ordered…


Last week, as I am sure you all know, radical Islamists orchestrated a terrorist attack in Paris, France. Many killed and many more injured. It played out like this – suicide bombers hit the soccer stadium in the middle of a big match against Germany, gunmen shooting into packed restaurants around the stadium, suicide bombers killing people on the streets and then they took hostages and killed dozens of people in a packed concert venue.


They say it’s France’s 9/11 – and I agree. Although the French people are used to random acts of terrorism over the years, last week was especially ferocious and deadly and the resolve of every country on the planet to bring the people who did this to justice is strong only days later. That’s a good thing. These people should be rooted out and killed – that seems to be the only thing they understand is death and terror.


This will be a very bad thing for the perpetrators, namely ISIS. It will be a concentrated effort by many countries to find and eliminate ISIS on so many fronts, they may have underestimated just enough to see their own demise. Targeting them in bunkers and in the hills and mountains where they love to train and hide like cowards will be just one front they will be battled. Then you have the hacker group Anonymous, who have declared all out war against them. Finally, someone will listen to reason and then attack them where it will really hurts – where the money (and oil) are.


I have read that ISIS makes millions and millions of dollars every month from selling oil from refineries they have taken over. Now, countries buying this oil will be squeezed hard by the rest of the world to not buy this oil anymore. That will present a problem ISIS can’t hide from – monetary insolvency. Nobody hides from being broke, not when there is an all out assault on the avenues with which one monetizes it’s own being.


This isn’t so much about all Islamic people. Just because the radicals of a religion do things that are memorable in a bad way, doesn’t mean that every Muslim in the world is evil, deadly and/or a terrorist. Not every Irish person who wanted a united Ireland in the last three or four generations was a member of the IRA – that’s my best personal example, and one that resonates with those of us who remember The Troubles and have a keen sense of history there.


So hate the terrorists, sure, but don’t condemn every Muslim on the planet – it’s just not fair. Even when they say they hate every one of us, even though you and me and the lady on the street may have never even known a Muslim, nevermind done anything to them – doesn’t mean we should blindly act in a similar fashion. Let me be clear – I say we should enthusiastically kill those who mean to do us harm, but don’t hold an entire people libel for the actions of a few assholes.


Maybe the next step would be to educate an entire section of the world’s population on a clearer, more accurate teaching of the Koran – so that any chance of a radical Imam twisting a good religion into a Geo-political statement in order to propagate hate and terror is eliminated. Maybe we as a country should just stop messing around in the Middle East and leave them to kill each other, since they’re so intent on fighting amongst themselves as well. Problem solved. Chew on that. #GMK

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