Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Larceny over $250 at Kmart assembly Row



On 11/3/15 at approximately 6:40 PM, I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while assigned to Assembly Row Unit Alpha-2, received a call on my department issued phone from XXXXX, Kmart Loss Prevention agent, who stated he had just apprehended a male shoplifter.


I informed Somerville Dispatch of the call and proceeded to Kmart. As I pulled up to the front of Kmart, I observed XXXXX holding onto a white male, later identified as James Hickey by his sweatshirt. I could clearly see multiple pieces of store product hanging out of Hickey’s waste band. I directed Hickey back into the store to the security office. Once in the office I recovered the merchandise from Hickey.


XXXXX stated he observed Hickey select several items (valued at $255.16 in total) and conceal them under his shirt and inside his pants. He said Hickey exited the store making no attempt to purchase the items.


I informed Hickey that I was placing him under arrest for Larceny Over $250 MGL c266 s30A. 


Hickey was transported to the Somerville Police Station via the mobile detention unit and booked according to department policy by Lt. Lavey.


Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Mark Pulli #311


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