Real Life Somerville Police Stories:LEWD, WANTON & LASCIVIOUS CONDUCT c272 S53


On Thursday, 11/5/2015, I, Officer DiFava, was on duty for the Somerville Police operating marked cruiser 876. At approximately 1310 hrs, I was dispatched to Statue Park in Davis Square for a report of a man who was exposing himself. Officer Kim and Officer Ameral also responded to provide back up. Upon arrival, I observed a male, later identified as Derek Agresti laying on his back on top of a picnic table directly across from the Boston Burger Company. Agresti was failing his arms and was moaning. Officer Ameral and I approached Agresti and asked him if he was in need of any medical assistance. Agresti declined and stated that he was trying to go to the Pine Street Inn. I asked Agresti for an ID and he stated that he did not have one. Agresti provided us with his information and I walked over to the Boston Burger Company to speak with the reporting party/victims, XXXXX and YYYYY. XXXXX stated that her and YYYYY were sitting outside the restaurant waiting for their food order. XXXXX’s attention was drawn to Agresti who was sitting on a park bench directly across from her. Agresti was acting a little strange and appeared to be intoxicated. Agresti fell off the bench causing his pants to slide down exposing the crack of his buttocks to both XXXXX and YYYYY. Agresti turned over directly facing towards XXXXX and YYYYY and placed his hand down his pants towards his genitals. Agresti started moving his hand up and down underneath his pants while staring at XXXXX and YYYYY. XXXXX and YYYYY were offended and could tell that by his actions that he was masturbating. After a few minutes, Agresti got up off the ground and sat back onto the bench. It should be noted that Statue Park is a public park with picnic tables, store fronts and bus stops. While investigating this incident, I observed numerous people sitting in the park and waiting for the bus. 


I advised Agresti that he was under arrest and he was placed into custody by Officer Ameral. Agresti was transported to the Somerville Police department.   




Respectfully submitted,



Officer Marc DiFava #289

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