Somerville Food Day 2015

Photos by Frank Santangelo

This past weekend, Somerville joined other communities and institutions across the country to celebrate the 5th annual Food Day. This event was created with the intention of having “individuals and organizations come together to learn, debate and mobilize to improve our food system and the American diet”. This year’s theme is Towards a Greener Diet, encouraging more environmentally friendly approaches to eating. 

Food Day activities are designed to look at ways to “green up” our food choices throughout the food supply chain or from farm to landfill. We will be talking about everything from where and how our food is grown, to eating a more plant based diet, to reconsidering ways we can prevent edible food from being thrown out and wasted. In Somerville many looked forward to neighborhood scavenger hunts, a harvest day at Groundwork Somerville’s farm, a community meal, and a local harvest day at the schools.


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