Somerville Launches New Friendly Square Flair Competition

To mark our 2015 All-America City win, we’re going to be hanging celebratory banners around Somerville. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough to blanket the whole city, so to decide where they’ll be hung we’re launching a friendly Square Flair competition.
Here’s how Square Flair works:

From Nov. 1 through Nov. 6 you can earn points for your neighborhood by taking photos of the activities listed below and tagging them with #squareflair and your neighborhood. You can post the photos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, but your post will need to be public for us to be able to count it.
What can you earn points for?

* Taking a photo with one of the new solar cell phone charging stations.

* Buying an All-America City t-shirt

* Posting a photo of you wearing your All-America City t-shirt

* Shopping at a local business and posting a photo of what you bought or the receipt (after you’ve covered any sensitive info)

* Voting (those “I Voted” stickers are great for photo ops)

* Posting a photo of a historic site or marker in your neighborhood

* Posting a photo of something that gives your square its flair

* Posting a photo of a civic good deed
Poll that we can hang the banners from are located in East Broadway, Assembly Square, Magoun Square, Union Square, Davis Square, and Teele Square.
The winners will be announced at a very square event on Saturday, Nov. 7 at City Hall.

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