This Presidential Political Season by Skip Murray


I am watching the political news and wow, isn’t Trump making this the most interesting, more than that, astonishing, exciting, political season we have ever seen? 

Looking back on other political years 
I wonder now how we endured the tediousness of them all. This is yes, exciting. Now he is about to come out with some tv ads, and he says they are going to have flair. A bit of swashbuckling I’d say. I can hardly wait to see them and what he does next. 

Bill Clinton says Trump’s got the macho thing going. And he does.

Another of the interesting, more meaningful things happening this year is watching all the other republican candidates standing hands in their pockets with befuddled and dumbfounded looks on their faces.

Actually, they don’t even look that alive, do they? they look more like a mound of decaying carcasses putrefying in a mass grave.



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