Tony Lafuente: Development in Ward 4

More Thoughtful Development

IMG_3540.JPGPromoting smart, efficient Development is a huge responsibility of your city government. I’ve tried hard to ensure all development in Ward 4 is good for the city and the neighborhood – not just good for developers. We need more commercial development in Somerville. New commercial tax revenue can be used to reduce the burden on homeowners, and free city money for improving housing access and our quality of life.
The city needs to begin looking at slowing down residential development and guarantee that any new residential development is advantageous to the fabric of the neighborhood, and welcomed by the neighbors. The days of over-developing every location and building condo after condo need to end here in Somerville.
I’m proud that we’ve down-sized several projects in Ward 4, such as Temple & Broadway and Fairview Terrace. We’ve forced developers to take neighbors’ concerns seriously and to adjust their plans accordingly. I plan to work with all of you to ensure that Ward 4 continues leading the way on smart development in the years ahead.
As always – let me know if you have any questions, ideas or comments. 

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