Somerville Municipal Employees Association (SMEA) Political Endorsements of 2015



On August 26, 2015, the SMEA held the second annual political endorsement meeting in its long history. As part of the endorsement process, the candidates had to receive the approval of two-thirds of the Membership present and voting. Our endorsement committee took great care when creating this methodology to ensure it was conducted fairly and honestly, in order to accurately reflect the opinions of a large cross section of our Membership.

The questionnaires were sent to all political candidates running for office in the city of Somerville. The Membership did not consider an endorsement for any candidate who did not respond to the questionnaire.

The SMEA supports political candidates who value principles of good governance and the rightful role of union workers in government. The candidates were asked for their opinions on a wide array of topics, including fair labor treatment, equitable raises, safe working conditions, the value of unionized city workers and the quality of their work, open door policies with union leadership, the fair and timely resolution of labor disputes, Evergreen clauses, privacy concerns over unilateral tracking of employees with GPS devices, and support for a Community Benefits Agreement for the Union Square development.

After careful consideration of each candidate’s responses, the SMEA proudly announces its political endorsements for the 2015 fall elections as follows:

Maryann Heuston (Ward 2), Bob McWatters (Ward 3), Mark Niedergang (Ward 5),

Lance Davis (Ward 6)

Aldermen at Large

Bill White, Dennis Sullivan, Mary Jo Rossetti, Sean Fitzgerald

School Committee

Lee Palmer (Ward 3), Andrea Green (Ward 4)
We look forward to a future, in which all elected officials value the importance of union workers and treat all workers with the respect and dignity they deserve.



SMEA Endorsement Committee and its Membership

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