Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI/A&B on A Police Officer



On 08/08/2105, at around 0106 hours, XXXXX called Somerville Police to report a possible drunk driver who was heading into Union Sq. At the time of the call, both XXXXX and the possible drunk driver were on Washington St (a public way in the City of Somerville). XXXXX kept referring to the driver of the vehicle as a “she”. XXXXX was able to relay precise location to dispatch, which was relayed to myself as I responded to the area. Luckily, XXXXX and the vehicle in question stopped in front of Hub Comics, which is a comic store in Union Sq in Somerville. While the vehicle remained stopped, I was able to reach their location and conducted a vehicle stop by activating my blue lights and siren. As I was transmitting my location to dispatch, I was able to see a blonde female in the driver seat and a second occupant sitting on the front passenger seat of the vehicle. 


I exited my cruiser and as I approached the driver side of the vehicle, the female driver rolled up her window and attempted to switch seats with a white male that was sitting in the front passenger seat. Being that the window was closed, I opened the door and requested for the vehicle to be turned off and asked for the keys. The female driver was identified as Viktoriya Blindman with a DOB of XX/XX/XXXX and the male passenger was identified as YYYYY with a DOB of XX/XX/XXXX. I requested for Ms Blindman to produce her license and the vehicles registration and she replied “you can’t fucking ask me for that”. As I was standing between the door and the vehicle, I was able to smell an alcoholic odor emanating from the inside of the vehicle. I asked Ms Blindman again for her license and she stated, “you don’t need my fucking license”. I asked YYYYY if he had been drinking, and he stated, “no”. I then asked Ms Blindman if she had been drinking, and she replied, “it’s none of your fucking business”. I asked numerous times for Ms Blindman to produce her license, however, she kept refusing and kept being verbally abusive. I then stated that she would need to step out of the vehicle, and she also refused. I asked again, that she needed to step out of the vehicle, and was just met with resistance with my request. I told Ms Blindman if she would not step out of the vehicle, she would be assisted in exiting the vehicle. While trying to plea with the Defendant to exit the vehicle, the Defendant chose to call OFC Goncalves a “cunt”. OFC Goncalves (East 4) had responded to my location for back up. That is when myself and OFC Goncalves decided to assist Ms Blindman out of the vehicle. Ms Blindman began to swing her elbows and kick, while also striking myself and OFC Goncalves, as myself and OFC Goncalves began to struggle with Ms Blindman. When Ms Blindman was freed from the vehicle, she became very combative and belligerent. OFC Goncalves and I were having a difficult time in trying to restrain Ms Blindman, so Sgt Ward (S8) was able to assist by spraying Ms Blindman with his department issued OC pepper spray, with a quick one second burst.


Subsequently, Ms Blindman was transported to the police station to be booked and finger printed. Ms Blindman also refused to a field sobriety test and refused a breathalyzer test to be conducted to determine her blood alcohol level.      


Furthermore, not until I walked over to the passenger side of the vehicle, because Ms Blindman attempted to switch seats with YYYYY, did I notice there was extensive damage to the front of the vehicle. Later, I learned by speaking to XXXXX, that Ms Blindman had rear ended an SUV in the Boston area. The vehicle Ms Blindman rear ended was a ZZZZZ, with a Massachusetts registration of ZZZZZ. After XXXXX saw the accident and then saw the striking vehicle flee the scene, XXXXX followed the vehicle, which eventually was stopped in Somerville. XXXXX was the occupant of a livery vehicle, who was being driven by AAAAA, who also witnessed the initial accident in Boston.


Respectfully submitted,


OFC Ramirez, Jose #259

Somerville Police Dept.


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