Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Assault via DangerousWeapon 


On August, 8, 2015, I Officer Jason Costa was assigned to uniform Patrol in marked Cruiser East 3. At 2024 hrs, I along with several units responded to the area of XX Florence Street for the report of a fight with possible knives. Upon arrival, I was met by XXXXX, who resides at XX Florence St. XXXXX, who only speaks Spanish, advised me that he was in the back yard of his residence with some friends and that he walked to the front of his house, because he was waiting for his friend YYYYY to arrive home. When XXXXX walked to the front of his house, he asked his neighbor Mario Mijango-Reyes if he had seen his friend YYYYY. Mario Replied back that no he had not seen him. A short while later, YYYYY arrived at XX Florence Street, as XXXXX was waiting for him in the front of his residence. Once both XXXXX and YYYYY were in the front of XX Florence St together Mario Mijango-Reyes, who was sitting in the front steps of 67 Florence Street and was drunk, had a big knife in his hand and stated to the males you want problems with me. At this point XXXXX stated to Mario that they didn’t want any problems with him.


Mario then walked into his residence where he disposed of the knife. A short while later Mario came back outside where he walked up to XXXXX, who was standing in front of XX Florence St, and pushed him. The two males where then separated and Mario went inside his residence. After XXXXX advised me of what had transpired I, along with East 1 (Ofc Issacs) and S8 (Sgt. Oliviera) then went to 67 Florence where we began to knock on the door to look for Mario. A short while later a male identified as Mario Mijango-Reyes came to the door and was identified by XXXXX as the male who had assaulted him. At this Point with the assistance of S8 Sgt. De Oliviera, I placed Mario in handcuffs for our safety. I then asked Mario for his side of his story but he was not cooperative with us.


At this point, I placed Mario under arrest for the above referenced charge. Marked transport unit #200 was then requested, where Mario was then transported back to the Somerville Police Station by Ofc Cabral, so that he can be processed according to department procedure by Lt. McCain. A search for the knife came to a negative result.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Jason Costa #301

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  1. Do u have a form that a person can be filled out if a crime was committed on the Internet .I called Somerville police station and I was told there is no unit there to address this issues.

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