Somerville Sunsetters Performance at Cobble Hill

 Jimmy DelPonte and Louise Sabella of the “Moonlighters” photographed together at the Sunsetters performance.

By William Tauro

This past Tuesday evening, Somerville’s own Jimmy DelPonte and the Sunsettters visited Cobble Hill Apartments on Washington Street and with a live performance for the residents who sang and danced the night away.
Photos by Martin Polignone

The Sunsetters are a Somerville High School traveling singing and dancing group organized by the Youth Arts coordinator, Jimmy Del Ponte, who perform modern renditions of classic Broadway and popular dance tunes.

The group began in the 1970s and performed for 20 years before a hiatus, until Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone reinstated the group in 2004. The group of 19, aged 11 to 18, is available to sing show tunes and contemporary pop songs at sunset!
Jimmy and Sammy the Cobble Hill favorite dog. 

 Mary Ann Smith and Maureen Bastardi as Mary Ann is a long term School Foster Grandparent at St Cathrine’s School Somerville. 
 Ona McPartlin and Bill Mahaney

Pastor Elber and Cicinardo who are very active with the Braziallian Church. 


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