Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Drug Arrest


Salvador MONTESINOS Arrest

On Friday, July 3, 2015, members of the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit initiated surveillance around the area of Albion Street East and Moreland Street.
The surveillance was set up based upon numerous neighborhood complaints of possible drug transactions being completed in this area. Recently, the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit have made arrests in this area for drug related offenses.

At approximately 4:40 P.M. Detectives Capasso, Legros, and I, along with Sergeant Detective Dan Rego set up surveillance in the area of Moreland Street and East Albion Street. Detective Capasso and I parked our vehicle on the corner of these streets and observed a white motorcycle, bearing Massachusetts registration 1M5708, drive towards us from Ash Avenue. The operator of this motorcycle, later identified as Mr. Salvador Montesinos, pulled over approximately forty feet away from us. Mr. Montesinos looked over at Detective Capasso and I multiple times as he seemed suspicious of us sitting in our vehicle. Mr. Montesinos got off of his motorcycle and began to use his phone. As Mr. Montesinos appeared to be using the telephone, I could see a white female depart a home located approximately 3-4 houses away from where Detective Capasso and I were sitting. Mr. Montesinos appeared to be constantly using the phone as the female departed the front steps of her home and began walking towards Mr. Montesinos.

The female, later identified as XXXXX, met with Mr. Montesinos for approximately twenty seconds. During this interaction, observations were made of XXXXX giving Mr. Montesinos money. XXXXX in return retrieved an item from Mr. Montesinos in which she immediately placed in her right shorts pocket. Based on our training and experience, Detective Capasso and I observed what we believed to be a hand to hand street level drug transaction. As XXXXX began walking back to the home at Moreland Street, Detective Capasso and I, with our badges clearly displayed on our outermost garment, exited our vehicle. Detective Capasso walked over to Mr. Montesinos as I caught up with XXXXX. I immediately stated to XXXXX, “Somerville Police, what did you just buy from the kid on the motorcycle?” XXXXX replied, “Just coke.” XXXXX was read her rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I commonly keep in my wallet. I asked XXXXX how much she paid for the cocaine. XXXXX stated that she spent one hundred and sixty dollars. While speaking to XXXXX, I asked Detective Capasso to place Mr. Montesinos in custody as she showed me the baggie of cocaine she purchased. At this time, I radioed to Somerville Police dispatch and notified them of the two parties we had detained and to start a marked unit along with a female officer to our location.

Marked units East-1, Officer VanNostrand, East-4, Officer Schneider, and West-5, Officer Catatao, responded to our location. Officer Catatao retrieved the clear plastic baggie of cocaine from XXXXX. At this time, I walked over to Mr. Montesinos and read him his rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I keep in my wallet. Mr. Montesinos stated he understood and that he knew XXXXX from working with her ex-boyfriend in the past. Mr. Montesinos was found with multiple stacks of money, one including one hundred and sixty dollars, the same amount XXXXX stated she paid for the cocaine.

Mr. Montesinos was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Pavao, where he was booked in the usual manner by Sergeant DeOliveira. I will be seeking a criminal complaint for XXXXX due to her involvement in the drug transaction. Mr. Montesinos’ motorcycle, monies and cell phone were seized for forfeiture proceedings.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Fernando Cicerone #279

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