Serious Motorcycle Accident McGrath O’Brian Highway Somerville UpperDeck


By William Tauro

A chaotic scene in Somerville unfolded as four motorcycles were traveling on the McGrath O’Brian Highway upper deck on Monday night when the last motorcycle believed to be traveling at a high rate of speed in line lost control and hit the side shoulder on the highway’s guardrail.

The driver was ejected over and off the upper deck 200 feet away to the ground on the lower deck below in one direction and the bike landed 200 feet away from him in another direction.

The driver was seriously injured but responsive after the crash.

He was transported to the Massachusetts General Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

The cause of the accident still remains under investigation.







5 thoughts on “Serious Motorcycle Accident McGrath O’Brian Highway Somerville UpperDeck”

  1. Yes, update please. I briefly saw the victim right after the accident. My thoughts are with him and I’m praying for a recovery.

  2. Hey Will, Any update on this guys condition? I drove by just as the police were arriving on the scene and it really…really didn’t look good. As a longtime rider ive had to learn a few lessons the hard way by seeing friends get injured and sometimes worse. When you’re young you think you’re invincible, so it’s frustrating to see groups of guys on race bikes goofing off and going way too fast without any leathers and minimal protective gear. I used to be one of those kids and feel extremely lucky to have made it out of my early 20’s in one piece. Motorcycling is dangerous enough with texting drivers and city roads,. It’s a sport that you need to approach with your eyes wide open and 150% vigilance. When you add testosterone and inexperience to the mix the combination can be a recipe for disaster. I hope this guy gets a second chance. He’s in my thoughts.

  3. There have been a few accidents on this same bridge. It’s very dangerous. Please let us try and remedy this issue. The city should consider putting up high railings or something to that effect. This is one of my dearest cousins, who remains unresponsive since Monday June 8th the day of this unforeseen accident. Please all help us, his family and friends pray for his recovery.
    Bless you all

    1. Please keep us updated on your cousin’s condition. My mom and I drove by just after it happened. We have been praying for him since.

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