Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Disorderly conduct, arresting arrest and weapons Possession



The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident # 15020163:

On Monday, May 4, 2015, I was assigned marked unit West 6. At approximately 3:09 pm I was dispatched to the College Ave T-station along with marked unit West 7 (Officer Berrouet) for the report of a black female with a knife harassing an elderly white male. Marked units West 5 (Officer DiFava) and East 4 (Officer Kim) as well as Delta 1 (Detective Nadile) responded as back up.

Upon my arrival I noticed a black female, later identified as Angelique Smith, a black male, later identified as Lamont Daughtery (Angelique’s brother), arguing with a white male, later identified as Joe Dixon in front on the Tedeschi Food Mart across from the T-station. I immediately intervened, separating all parties involved so I could try and figure out what had actually happened. I asked them where the knife was and who had it. Lamont said the knife was in his bag. Officer Berrouet searched the bag and secured the knife. I then asked Angelique what had happened. She said that she had given Joe money, an amount she could not be specific about, to go into Tedeschi’s to buy her cigarettes because she was too drunk to go in and buy them herself. She said that after a few minutes Joe came out of Tedeschi’s without her cigarettes and refused to give her the money back. She said that’s when she and Lamont began arguing with Joe but that nobody had used a knife.

I then had a conversation with Joe Dixon. I asked him where the money was that Angelique had given him. He said that she never gave him any money and that he doesn’t owe anybody anything. I asked him if at any point either Angelique or Lamont had threatened him with a knife. Joe said no and confirmed Angelique’s statement saying he never saw a knife.

After speaking with all parties involved, Officer Berrouet and I determined that this was nothing more than an argument. We advised all parties to leave the area. Joe immediately walked away. Angelique became agitated saying she wanted her money back. I told her that Joe had said she never gave him any money. I asked her to calm down and she complied. Lamont immediately got into my face yelling and swearing at me. I told him to calm down and again told the two of them to leave the area. Lamont said “Fuck you, I ain’t scared, what you gonna do, I don’t care about Baltimore.” I again told him to calm down and I attempted to guide him away from the area. Lamont pulled away from me flailing his arms causing some bystanders sitting on a nearby public bench to get up and move, fearing they may get hit by Lamont. For a third time, I told him to calm down and to leave the area and that this was his last chance to do so. Lamont continued to act in a disorderly and tumultuous manner and again got into my face, yelling and swearing at me. I attempted to place Lamont under arrest, I told him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Lamont actively resisted and took off running into the street disrupting the flow of traffic on College Ave. Some motorists had to jam on the breaks and swerve into on coming traffic to avoid hitting Lamont creating a dangerous situation for anyone in the area. I chased him and after a short distance caught him and placed him in handcuffs. During my encounter with Lamont, Angelique became very disorderly. While trying to place Lamont under arrest she continuously tried to get in between Lamont and Officer Berrouet and I. She tried to pull us away from Lamont, acting aggressively, causing many of the people who had gathered to watch, to jump out of her way in order to avoid being bumped into or knocked down by her, in her continuous attempts to interfere with Lamont being placed under arrest. Once we had Lamont in handcuffs we tried to placed her under arrest and she also resisted. She would not put her hands behind her back and relentlessly pulled away from us. After a few attempts we were able to place the handcuffs on her.

Both parties were transported to the station in unit #200 by Officer Van Nostrand and booked in the usual manner by Sgt. Fusco. Lamont is charged with Disorderly Conduct 272/53/F, Resisting Arrest 268/32B, and VCO Possession of Dangerous Weapons SCO 9/96. Angelique is charged with Disorderly Conduct 272/53/F and Resisting Arrest 268/32B.

Detective Nadile talked to a Mr. Richard Martin who stated that he witnessed the entire encounter and is willing to come forward if necessary.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Shaun Clark #321

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