HUBWAY REOPENS FOR 5TH SEASON IN SOMERVILLE Bikes available beginning Friday, April 17

SOMERVILLE –Spring is here and that means the return of Hubway in Somerville,
where the shared bike stations reopened on Friday, April 17, as the system begins its 5th season.
Ten out of Somerville’s 12 stations will be available beginning April 17:
• City Hall: On sidewalk on west side of concourse
• Conway Park: On sidewalk adjacent to park
• Davis Square West: On the MBTA plaza on Holland Street
• Magoun Square: On sidewalk at Trum Field
• Packard Avenue: On street near Powderhouse Boulevard
• Powderhouse Circle: On sidewalk at Powderhouse Park adjacent to College Avenue
• Somerville Hospital: On Crocker Street
• Teele Square: On Holland Street
• Union Square: On the plaza adjacent to Somerville Avenue
• Wilson Square: At traffic island intersection of Somerville Avenue and Elm Street
The Davis Square East station, previously located at Summer Street and Cutter Avenue, and Beacon Street station, previously located at the intersection with Washington Street, are on hold while exact location sites are determined.

“As we start our fifth year of Hubway, it’s encouraging to see just how much our community has embraced bike sharing, but it’s not a surprise,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “In Somerville, so many of our residents are shifting from car trips to walking, transit and biking because they know it’s the healthy choice and the sustainable choice. With a partner like Hubway, we are well on our way to both making Somerville the number one city for walking and biking and to creating the kind of active and vibrant neighborhoods that make Somerville great.”

This year’s system across Somerville, Boston, Brookline and Cambridge will have 140 stations and 1,300 shared Hubway bicycles. Approximately 13 stations, including those in Brookline and Boston that are located along the Boston Marathon route, will be re-installed after the Marathon. Riders can view the Hubway website or use the Spotcycle app to confirm station availability.

Now in its fifth season, over 3.9 million miles on 2.8 million trips have been logged through the Hubway system, with almost 2.2 million of those miles and 1.2 million of those trips logged last year alone, when the system sold more than 78,000 24-hour memberships, 10,000 three-day memberships, and 2,900 monthly memberships. The total miles logged since Hubway began operating equates to almost 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions offset and 168 million calories burned by Hubway riders.

More information about Hubway system including station expansions, deployments, and outages/closures can be found online at, on Twitter at, and on Facebook at

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