Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Armed Robbery in Union Square


ELIJAH CLARKE //ELIJAH CLARKE & a juvenile arrest

On 04/11/2015, I was assigned to marked unit East 3. At approximately 02:35 hrs, I along with several units responded to 61 Union square (EL Potro Restaurant) for the report of four white males trying to take somebody’s phone. Description given at the time, was that all males were white, one wearing a red hoodie, and three others wearing dark clothing. Upon arrival, I was met by the victim xxxxxxxx who was bleeding from the mouth, and the RP xxxxxxx. Jxxxxxx advised me that a group of four males just attacked him and tried to rob him of his money and cell phone, and that they fled towards the area of Columbus Ave and that the males had a knife and baseball bat and possible gun. At that point I radioed Somerville Control advising them of the suspects direction of flight and possible weapons.


xxxxxx was outside of 61 Union Square (ElPotro Restaurant), and was waiting for a coworker to come out. While waiting outside, he was surrounded by a group of four males, and that one male who had the red Jacket on, held a gun to his waist, and that a Hispanic male who was with the group demanded his money and cell phone. xxxxx then advised me that once he told them that he did not have any money that the group attacked him, punching him in his face, and that they continued to assault him as he ran to the door of 61 Union Square, were one of his coworkers xxxxx came outside to help him.

I then Observed that where the incident Occurred that there were surveillance cameras. I then Spoke to Mr. xxxx and asked him if I could see the surveillance footage to the building. I then went inside the restaurant and observed the whole incident on tape with Mr. xxxxxx, which confirmed the victims story of what transpired, while the victim waited outside. While observing the footage, I observed two individuals that are very well known to Somerville Police, which were xxxxxxxx), and Joshua Resendes , who were involved in the assault. Moments later East 1 (Officer Pulli), and SE (Officer Goncalves) located three males matching the description at Bonner Ave and Columbus Ave. I then asked Jose if he would be able to Id the suspects to which he answered yes. At this Point I radioed S8 Sgt. Ward who was on scene, and East1 (Officer Pulli) and advised them that we would be doing a show up.

The show up forms which was utilized will be included with the report. The victim was informed on how a show up was conducted and a show up form advisement was given to the victim prior. After the identification checklist was conducted, the victim was brought to the location where the suspects were being detained. The victim was sitting in the back seat of my cruiser (East3) when the show ups were conducted. The three suspects involved were all separated on Bonner Ave and Columbus Ave by a estimate of fifty feet when the show ups were conducted. I also used my spot light as additional lighting when doing the show ups.

The first show up we did, the victim stated to me the individual shown, was the individual who held the gun to his waist and also attacked him. The individual shown was Identified as)
The second show up we did, the victim stated to me the individual shown, was the individual that punched him in the face first as the other suspect held the gun to his waist. The suspect was identified as Elijah Clarke.

The third show up we did, the victim stated to me the individual shown, was the individual who demanded in Spanish for the victim to give him his phone and money. The individual shown was Identified as Sergio Aparicio-Jimenz

After the positive identifications were made, the suspects were placed under arrest and transported to the Somerville Police Station by marked unit 200 operated by officer Ramirez, so that they could be booked by Lt. Marino. East 1 (Officer Pulli) then advised me that SE (Officer Goncalves) located a black model # C11 BB gun on xxxxxxx right front jacket pocket, when she did a pat frisk of him, when she first detained him(see supplemental reports). Pictures of the BB gun, along with pictures of the victims injuries will be attached to this report. The BB gun was placed into evidence along with Justin Myrick’s red jacket. The entire footage of the incident will be available to me at a later date. I will also be applying for a warrant for the above referenced charge, for the arrest of Joshua Resendes, who I observed on surveillance cameras, being involved in this incident.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely

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