Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Larceny at Assembly Square



On April 10, 2015 I, Detective Michael Holland, was working my assigned shift from 8am – 4pm. At approximately 10:55 AM, xxxxxx, reported to the Somerville Police that her purse/wallet had been lost or stolen at some point on April 9, 2015 (Incident# 15015720). She believed it to be lost at JP Licks Ice Cream Store. After reporting it to the Somerville Police, called the JP Licks Store and spoke with Manager Michael Cody. told Cody that she had been in the store around 10:00 PM, and told him where she was seated.

Cody then reviewed his surveillance tapes to try and see if had left her purse at JP Licks. Cody found that did leave her purse hanging on a chair. At approximately 10:17 PM, JP Licks Employee Deaundre Price, picks up the purse off of the chair, and takes it over to the trash barrel. Price changes the trash bag inside the barrel, and places the purse inside of a new trash bag, and carries it into the restroom. Price comes out a few moments later, and brings both the bag containing the purse, and the regular trash bag outside into the locked trash area for JP Licks. Price finished his shift, and left the store. The video was saved and downloaded onto a flash drive by Cody, and will be held as evidence.

Cody reported to Officer Sean Sylvester, who happened to be a customer in the store on 04/10/2015, that he observed this theft on video. Officer Sylvester notified the Somerville Police Detective Bureau, and I responded to the store with Officer Sal Fusco. Upon arrival we spoke with Cody, and viewed the video. I also was notified that Bank of America debit card had been used last night, 04/09/2015. Price was currently working his shift on this day. After viewing the theft on video, we called Price into the Managers Area, and I introduced myself, and explained why we were there. Price began to speak, and said “I don’t know what”, and I cut him off. I informed him that the video evidence was right here, and asked him if he wanted to view it, and he said “No”.

I placed handcuffs on Price, and told him he was being arrested for the Larceny of the purse. I then explained his Miranda Rights to him. He told me he would speak to me, and we spoke while we were waiting for the Prisoner Transport Unit #200. Price told me he placed the purse in the trash area, and retrieved it when he finished his shift. Price went through the purse, and took a small amount of cash, wallet, id’s, credit/debit cards, and most other items in the wallet. Price told me he threw the purse away, in Jackson Square, located in Boston.

I asked Price if he used debit or credit cards at all, and he said “No.” I told him that there was a transaction last night, and he claimed he knew nothing about it. We then gathered his belongings from his locker, and there was a jacket, small bag, and a winter hat. These items were to be brought to the station with Price. Officer Fusco asked Price if there was any weapons, sharp objects, or contraband inside the bag, or on his person. Price said “No, but there is a small roach in the bag.” Officer Fusco opened the bag, to retrieve the roach, which is a small marijuana cigarette, and found a white DKNY Purse, and Price said “Yea thats the stuff right there.” We checked Price’s bag further for any more items belonging to, and found several credit/debit cards, the white purse, US Passport, Albanian Passport, Massachusetts and Albanian licenses, and some receipts. The one card not found inside the bag, was Bank of America Debit Card. Officer Fusco then requested permission from Price to check his personal wallet for any more items. He agreed to the search, and inside the wallet we found the Bank of America Debit Card belonging to.

Price was then transported to the Somerville Police Station by Unit #200 and booked by Lt. Michael Mulcahey. He was charged with MGL 266/20/A – Larceny from a Building.

I spoke with xxxxxon 04/11/2015, and she showed me 5 transactions that had occurred between the time that her purse was stolen, and midnight when the Bank of America Card had been deactivated. Two transactions were at the Lucky Boston Chinese Restaurant – $9.65, and $13.95. Two transactions were made at the Mobil Station for $12.37, and $21.99. There was a fifth transaction reversing the $12.37 from the Mobil. During a more detailed inventory of the property taken from Price, I located a receipt from Egleston SQ Mobil, located in Roxbury, MA. The total amount of the transaction was 21.99, at 23:56 on 04/09/15.

Based on the information learned about the charges on the Bank of America account, the fact that Price took possession of the card, when he took the purse at JP LICKS, and still had possession of the card used (last 4 – 2713) in his personal wallet, I believe that there is probable cause to charge him with MGL 266 /37B – Improper Use of A Credit Card Under $250.00 (4 Counts – 4 Transactions).

All items were photographed. Some of the items, Passports, ID Cards, and Medical cards were returned to xxxxxx The canceled credit cards, and purse were tagged and placed into evidence.

Respectfully submitted,

Detective Michael Holland #270

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