Real Life Somerville Police Stories:B&E on Mystic Ave



On March 20,2015 at approx. 5:27 PM I was dispatched along with numerous units to a B and E in progress call at 634 Mystic Avenue.
Officer Shackelford and Pasqualino arrived first at 634 Mystic Ave and while they gave out a description of suspect, (female,blonde hair,green jacket with fur lining on hood,blue hoodie underneath and black backpack type bag) Officer Perrone and I searched the immediate area. Officer Shackelford was informed by victim, xxxxxxxxxx, that she had taken photos of suspect and then texted them to Officer Shackelford’s phone. Officer Shackelford then sent the photo to Officer Perrone and I via text message. These pictures were added to the attachment section of this report.
Approx. 15 minutes later while still searching the immediate area I encountered a white female wearing a blue hooded jacket and carrying a green jacket with fur lined hood under her right arm. She was also carrying a large black bag strapped to her back, walking on Temple Street at Derby Street. Temple and Derby Streets are approx. one quarter mile from the crime scene at 634 Mystic Avenue. I immediately called Officer Perrone for back-up and conducted a threshold inquiry of this female based on the picture that Officer Shackelford provided in addition to clothing description put out by Officer Pasqualino. I told the female, identified as Crystal Bielakowski, that there was a crime committed a short distance away and that she fit the description of a possible suspect. I then took a look at the photo Officer Shackelford sent me and was positive I had the right person. Before asking anymore questions and with Officer Perrone present I read Ms Bielakowski her Miranda Warnings from a card I have in my pocket. After reading her Miranda Ms. Bielakowski stated that she understood and would speak with me without an attorney present. I then showed her the picture I had and she stated, ” Yeah that’s me, I was leaving Burger King and this crazy woman chased me and said I broke into her house but it wasn’t me.” I never mentioned the address of the crime but Ms Bielakowski stated she had come from the same area since Burger King is the same route of travel as 634 Mystic Ave to this location.
I then went to 634 Mystic Ave and spoke with the victim and resident, xxxxxx xxxxxx, who stated that she arrived home at about 5:25 Pm and she noticed the bulkhead door to the basement was open and although this was unusual she didn’t really think anything of it at the moment. Ms. xxxxx then noticed that the gate to the backyard and entrance was unlatched and stated that this was very unusual because she and her mother always latch the gate when they leave. Gabrielle xxxxxx stated she went into the yard and as she started to head into the house she heard noises from inside and thinking it was her cat she entered her home. xxxxxxxxxx stated that when she entered she was met by a blonde female with a blue hoodie and green jacket with fur lined hood and a black backpack style bag inside her home. Ms xxxxx immediately started yelling at the female and the female started saying to her, Its OK I’m sorry for this and that her boyfriend “Edwin” left her there. The female immediately dropped the bags of stolen items that she was carrying and fled the area via the backdoor. Ms.xxxxx followed the female and snapped several photos of then female with her cell phone camera. These photos are attached to this report. Ms. Xxxxx immediately phoned 911 and returned to her house to await Police.
Officer Pasqualino took numerous photos and also wrote a supplemental report , all of which will be attached to this report with pictures of a broken rear window at 634 Mystic Ave, in which suspect entered the house and numerous bags filled with the victims property that were dropped by female suspect. A red shovel with brown wooden handle which Detective Duffy will place into evidence, was used by suspect to break window and the climb into the house. I asked the homeowner and victim,xxxxx xxxxxxxxx how much the window cost and she stated that it was over $500.
Ms. Bielakowski was placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering for Felony and Malicious Destruction of Property over $250. She was transported to the station and booked by Lt. A. Rymill for above noted charges. The green jacket being worn by Ms. Bielakowski was confiscated and placed into evidence in Evidence Locker #2. Numerous photos taken by me at the scene are attached to this report. In booking a package of sausages and a bag of potatoes, both of which Ms. xxxxxxx stated were missing, were found in Ms Bielakowski black bag. these items were also photographed by me.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Alan Monaco #234

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