Real Life Somerville Police Stories


On the above date and time, Officer Eric Ubeda and I, were dispatched to 270 Washington Street, Saint Patrick’s Shelter for an unruly resident.

Upon my arrival, I was met by a staff member, Brooke Little. She stated that Nikitenko had a verbal argument with another resident of the shelter. Little stated that she made numerous attempts to diffuse the argument. The unidentified resident at that moment separated herself from the hostile area, and she walked into her room. Little admitted that because she could not reason with Nikitenko, she called the Somerville Police for assistance.

The moment I interacted with Nikitenko, her composure was irate and boisterous, and her demeanor was extremely hostile. Due to the time that this incident occurred, most of the residents were asleep in their beds. Little stated that Nikitenko was banned from the shelter for 72 hours/3 days as a result of her behavior towards the other residents. I calmly advised Nikitenko that she had a temporary ban from the shelter, and I offered alternative locations for Nikitenko to spend the night. However, my suggestions were met with resistance, hostility, and name calling.

I advised Nikitenko that because a ban against her was in place, she would need to collect her personal belongings, and vacate the shelter. Nikitenko did walk to her designated bed, and she packed her personal effects. However, after she completed packing her things, Nikitenko began lollygagging with her hair, and boisterously shouting at Officer Ubeda and I. Note: There were approximately 8-10 beds occupied by sleeping residents in the same quarters as Nikitenko’s bed. The sleeping residents began to wake up, and complain about the loud shouting by Nikitenko. Nikitenko was asked to lower her voice, however, rather than lowering her voice, she became even louder than before.

Nikitenko was placed under arrest, and transported to the Somerville Police Station in the prisoner transport vehicle, 200, where she was booked and processed in the usual manner. Note: Nikitenko was extremely uncooperative during the booking process.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eduardo Soares
Badge #272

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