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Martinez Arrest

The following information is a summary of facts related to incident #15007042.

On the listed date and time I, Officer Mark Pulli badge #311, while in full patrol uniform and assigned to patrol area East-1 was dispatched to Bonair St. for a report of a person who was hit by a car that was trying to park. East-4 (Officer Khoury) and East-3 (Officer Costa) were also dispatched.

Upon arrival at Bonair St. I did not observe any occupied vehicles, or people on Bonair St. As I looked down Wigglesworth St., I could see multiple running vehicles. I approached an SUV (MA reg# ) , which was parked on the left side of the street and occupied by two females later identified as Elva Martinez (DOB 8/25/94) the operator and daughter of the registered owner, ) the passenger. I asked them if they had called the police and they both stated they did not. Martinez pointed toward multiple individuals that where in the driveway of Bonair St. (which is located on Wigglesworth St.) and said they did.

I asked what had happened and Martinez said she was parking her car, when a female approached her and said that the spot was hers. Martinez said the female placed an item in the spot to save it and stood behind her car while Martinez proceeded to back into the spot. Martinez said she told the female she was parking there anyway and backed her car into the spot.

I walked over to the driveway and was approached by, the reporting party and victim in this matter, ) who stated she had just returned home from work and was waiting for her boyfriend to assist her with parallel parking her car in the parking spot she and her boyfriend had shoveled out. v said she had pulled her vehicle up past the parking spot in front of the driveway so her boy friend could park the car. She said that was when Martinez turned onto Wigglesworth St. an stopped at the parking spot. v said she went over to the vehicle and told Martinez that she had shoveled out that parking spot and was about to park there. v said both Martinez and passenger began to yell and swear at her.

At this point, v said she stepped into the parking spot in an attempt to prevent Martinez from parking. v said Martinez continued to back into the spot driving straight at her striking v in the right leg and driving over her right foot with the rear tire as she had to quickly step out of the way. v said Martinez also hit the vehicle that was parked in front of the parking spot in question.

Victims neighbor then approached me and stated he had witnessed the incident. Officer Costa spoke to neighbor while I returned to Martinez’s vehicle to look for vehicle damage and to ask Martinez and passenger some additional questions. After speaking to neighbor, Officer Costa related to me that neighbor stated he was outside shoveling and observed Martinez back her vehicle into the parking spot and strike both the vehicle in front of hers and also hit v who was standing in the parking spot.

I walked back to Martinez’s vehicle and observed fresh damage to the left front bumbler of her vehicle. I then examined the vehicle parked in front of hers, and observed fresh damage to the rear right bumper of the vehicle consistent to the statements given by both v and neighbor.

I asked Martinez if she had struck to vehicle in front of her and she responded yelling “I didn’t hit her.” I then attempted to explain to Martinez my observations of the damage to both her vehicle and the vehicle in front of hers, but she continued yelling “I didn’t hit her.” I again tried to explain to Martinez that I was talking about the car in front of hers, but she did not acknowledge what i was saying yelling “I didn’t hit her”.

I asked Martinez to produce her driver’s license and the vehicle’s registration. Martinez opened a small wallet which contained multiple cards and said “yeah I have my license, it’s right here.” I asked her to hand it to me and she refused saying “why do you need my id?” I also asked her again for the vehicle’s registration. She pulled out a document holder, held it up and said “it’s right here, find it yourself.” I explained to Martinez that if she did not provided me with the documents I requested she was subject to arrest. She again, holding the wallet and document holder in her hands said “get it yourself”. I again explained to her that she was subject to arrest if she did not provided the requested documents. She put her wallet on her lap and put the document holder on the dashboard and said “I know my laws you can’t arrest me.”

I ordered Martinez out of the vehicle. She refused. I opened the driver’s side door and again ordered Martinez to exit the vehicle, she again refused. I took hold of Martinez’s left arm and took her out of the vehicle and placed her in handcuffs while she kept yelling, and attempting to pull away from me.

I informed Martinez she was under arrest for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon (motor vehicle) c265 s15A, Failing to Produce License and Registration c90 s25, and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle c90 s24E. She was then transported to the Somerville Police Department and put through the booking process according to Department policy by Lt. Campbell.

v refused medical attention. She did not have any visible injuries at the time of the incident. A Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Report was completed and pictures of were taken of the damage to both vehicles.

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