Here’s this Week’s Somervillen Voice of The Week” Choice and You Decide!:Assault on a Somerville SnowPlow Driver

Real Life Somerville Police Stories:
The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident number 15007083. The summary does not contain all minute details of the incident as it occurred.

While on patrol in marked unit East Two I was dispatched to Dickinson Street for a report of a dispute. On scene I was met by v , the operator of a plow truck contracted by the City of Somerville to assist the Somerville DPW in plowing the snow off the streets. v informed me that he was assaulted by a man with a snow shovel. The man was later identified as Joseph Costa.

According to victim (v), Joseph was discontent because the snow being pushed by the plow kept accumulating in front of his drive way (52 Dickinson Street). Joseph made an attempt to stop the progress the snow plows were making on Dickinson Street by jumping in front of the plows. When that didn’t work Joseph approached v’s plow truck and took a swing at the truck with a snow shovel. Victim stopped the truck, rolled his window down and stated, “Are you out of your xxxxxxx, just get out of the way.” Joseph then started accusing v of attempting to run him over with the plow truck and then began assaulting victim with a snow shovel. Joseph struck victim twice with the snow shovel leaving a red mark on victim’s left side of the face (temple area) and bruising victim’s knuckles.

Victim further explained to me that he had to hold onto the snow shovel in order to stop the attack from Joseph. A short time after victim grabbed a hold of the snow shovel, a second male, later identified as xx came and held onto Joseph.

Victim told them that he was calling the police. At this point in time Joseph struck the plow truck twice with the snow shovel cracking the rain visor and walked away.

I spoke with two male parties who collaborated victim’s statement, but both requested that I keep their name anonymous because they live in the neighborhood and don’t want any retaliation coming from Joseph.

Joseph was placed under arrest for Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, to Wit Snow Shovel and Malicious Destruction of Private Property.

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