Reality Bites by James A. Norton

Time may heal all wounds, but shall never accept the assclown socially – from The Art of Assclown War by Sun Tzu Norton

Yes, on occasion I write very warped and often times silly stuff on my Facebook wall. Why shouldn’t I? It is MY social network experience, right? I don’t post things on there such as pictures and rants and whatnot so that Joe Schmoe’s life will be a little bit better today. When it comes to my own personal piece of the interweb pie, I like mine sunny-side up.

See, makes no sense. Or does it? I’ve tried to make some sense of events that have happened in my life over the last 25 years. Maybe point the finger at someone other than me. That didn’t work, I am not that guy – I own my mistakes and take responsibility for my actions. Oddly normal, considering the low standard of morality and values that surrounded me for so many years.

I learned a long time ago, when having to face the consequences of my behavior head on, that other peoples perceptions can be completely unwavering, no matter how genuine you might be. I might have learned that hard lesson about supposed family and friends the hard way, but that’s okay – because while I might have learned something very cold and unfamiliar, I did not incorporate that life lesson into my personality. I broke the circle.

Think about it – all it take to have a clear conscious at the end of the day is to always be aware of your actions and how they may affect others. Then make sure you take away the best parts of even the worst situations and experiences and turn them all into positives. Hanging on to negatives and disgusting behavior certainly won’t make you a well remembered person at all. Just that person who did that thing that one time…what was his name? I call him dummy…I always did on the inside anyway. #GMK

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