Somerville’s Cobble Hill Apartments Annual bbq

By Martin Polignone

Rain could not stop the seniors at Cobble Hill Apartments from enjoying their annual clam bake this fast weekend.

Having taken the party inside, the tables were full of residents enjoying lobster, steamers, New England clam chowder and much more.

Una McPartlin (pictured) said that the only thing that she enjoys more than the lobster, is getting up to dance to a few Irish tunes.

Cobble Hills regular DJ Alan Labella remarked that this is one of his favorite crowds, as many seniors sometimes have more energy than the younger gatherings he plays for.

When several of the seniors were asked if this was their favorite function to attend, the response was they will keep their dancing shoes ready for the annual Christmas party and that in between now and then, they look forward to the brunches and several other events that are held throughout the year.




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