Congratulations to the 2014 Somerville Women’s Recreational Softball Champions, Foundry On Elm

By Skip Murray

As a fairly new entry into the league and after a few up and down seasons, on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, Foundry on Elm, became champions with a decisive 9-1 win, in a winner take all game.

For the last couple of years Foundry had been banging at the door of a championship, but were just not able to finally win it. The difference that propelled them to champions this year was an influx of a few new players, strengthening an already well-seasoned team. “It was like magic,” said one of the coaches, “from the time they stepped onto the field this season, they knew they had the team to win it all. They knew they were good enough, it was just a matter of making it happen.”

And make it happen they did. Many of the regular season games were lopsided in their favor, as they scored an average of seventeen runs per game, finishing with an impressive 12 and 3 record. To top it off, with the exception of one loss in the playoffs, they were unbeatable on their way to winning their championship.

Once again, congratulations to Foundry On Elm, 2014 Somerville Women’s Recreational Softball Champions.

Photo above:

Front Row:

Lexi Fitzpatrick, Ashley Auciello, Caitlyn Brundage, Kristin Brundage

Back Row:

Linda Cali (Manager), Bill Hickey (Coach), Erika Roberts. Kylie Langton,

Michelle Hagerty, Jessica French, Krystal Cunha, Alicia Messina, Ashley Bourque

Rachel White, Rick Cali, coach.

Players not in picture

Carol Bruce

Jenn Paquet

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