Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Amaral Arrest

On the above date and time, Officer Guerdy Legros, and I were dispatched to Craigie Street for an intoxicated male sitting in a black Ford Expedition near Dickerman Park.

Upon my arrival, I drove down Craigie Street to the intersection of Craigie Street and Kimball Street, with no success in locating the black Expedition. I turned left onto Kimball Street with the same negative results. Approximately half way down Kimball Street., I turned left onto Ibbetson Street, where I located a black Ford Expedition, MA # at 45 Ibbetson Street. Note: Craigie Street, Kimball Street, and Ibbetson Street surround Dickerman Park which was occupied with numerous children and parents.

I approached the driver side door, and I observed, Edward Amaral, slouched over to his right side. He appeared to be sleeping. I tapped on the driver side window with my index finger startling Amaral. He slowly corrected his posture, he turned off the Expedition, and exited his vehicle. As he was exiting his vehicle, he fell forward on top of me. I braced Amaral up against his vehicle, and I asked him if he was medically ok, to which he replied yes. While interacting with Amaral, I observed red glassy blood shot eyes, a very strong odor of alcohol emitting from his breath, heavy slurred speech, and unsteady balance on his feet. As I was assisting Amaral to maintain his balance, (he was constantly colliding into me and his motor vehicle), I observed numerous empty Smirnoff root beer vodka nip bottles on the center console, and front passenger seat in plain view. I also observed a few Bud Light cans on the front passenger seat, which I could not determine if they had been empty from where I was standing . Officer Legros had arrived on scene at this point.

. Amaral was placed under arrest for the above charges. While waiting for the prisoner transport vehicle, Unit 200, Officer Legros and I continuously had to assist Amaral from falling over onto the ground. Officer Legros occupied one side and I the other, keeping constant contact with Amaral. Amaral was transported to the Somerville Police Station in Unit 200, where he was booked and processed in the usual manner. .

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