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Remick Arrest

On June 10th, 2014, I, Officer Schneider, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit West-6 during the Day shift. The following is a summary of the events that I witnessed, as they pertain to incident #14018636.

At approximately 9:31 am, I was behind the Holland St. MBTA station speaking with , an individual known to me who frequents the Davis Square area. During our conversation, witness made it known that he had seen Stephen Remick earlier in the morning and Remick was intoxicated. The prior day I had been called to testify at a probation hearing for Remick at Somerville District Court, and knew that one of the terms of his probation release was that he check himself into rehab in Waltham and not drink any alcohol.

Approximately ten minutes later, Officer Perrone (West-5) witnessed Remick in Statue park in front of Tedeschi Food shop and approached him. Remick appeared intoxicated, and Officer Perrone asked him if he had any alcohol on him. Remick produced a half full 200 ML bottle of Ruble Vodka from his coat, and handed it to Officer Perrone.

I arrived on scene, along with Officer Gee (West-7). I reminded Remick of the terms of his probation release that he had agreed to less than 24 hours ago, to which he replied that he did not care and was :”Just trying to be by himself.”

I informed Remick that he was going to be placed under arrest for the open alcohol container in violation of a city ordinance. Remick immediately became combative, and struggled with officers as I placed him into handcuffs in a manner consistent with my training. As we waited for the prisoner transport, Remick screamed profanities and threats. He threatened Officers by stating he knew the Mayor, the Alderman, and a judge, and that we would be sorry. As a citizen bystander walked by, Remick yelled at him, “What are you looking at? I will take you in the ally and kick your ass.” Remick was advised several times to stop making a scene. I would note that Statue park was populated at the time with 30-40 people, and vehicular traffic that was passing was slowing down to witness the events that were occurring.

Officer Moreira arrived in Unit 200 to transport the prisoner to the station. During the ride to the station, Remick stated to Officer Moreira that he would fight any police officers one on one and that he knew where officers lived. At the station, Remick was booked by Lt. Vivolo. I transported the open bottle of Vodka to the station, where it was entered into evidence in the usual manner.

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