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Perez-Melgar Arrest

While in marked unit 661, I was dispatched to Puritan Road for a Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle. Dispatch informed all responding units that the suspect was in the custody of a good Samaritan and that the situation was slowly escalating. Marked unit 663 (Off. Pasqualino) and plain clothes Detective Sgt. Chaille responded as back-up.

Sgt. Chaille and I arrived simultaneously to a mix group of females and males standing in front of Puritan Road. One of the male parties, later identified as RP, singled out of the group a male party that was sitting on a mural in front of Puritan Road as the Suspect who broke into his mother’s car 2002 Mercedes Benz ML320 color blue. RP further informed me that the car belongs to his mother.

As I approach the Suspect I was able to sense a strong smell of alcohol coming from his person. The Suspect was carrying a backpack that contained two bottles of Agavale Gold Tequila (one half full and one empty), a pair of soccer shoes, two empty cans. Due to the Suspect’s inebriated state I was not able to carry a consistent conversation.

I also spoke to two individuals who witnessed the suspect break into the car. At the time of the break the witnesses were in the basement of Puritan Road and had a visual of the car through one of the basement windows. Both females witnessed two male suspects of Hispanic origin open the passenger side door to the car. When they realized what was happening someone yelled in Spanish, “Ladron (thief).” Both Suspects heard the yelling and started running. RP managed to catch up to one of the Suspect and held him in custody for the arrival of the Police. The Suspect was carrying on one hand a black leather case which turned out to be containing the Car manual to the car.

The document from Immigration and Naturalization Services identified the Suspect as, Tonis Perez-Melgar. Toni was charged with Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle and having an Open Container.

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