Homeless Women Sadly Late for Bed Lottery No Beds Available!



Morris Arrest

On the above time and date, I along with East 3 (Officer Pasqualino) were dispatched to Washington Street for the report of a unwanted. Upon arrival, We were met by the RP, Who was the councilor in charge for the night. She advised me that at 2:45 P.M. everyday
they have a lottery to see who would be
able to get a bed and stay for the night. At approximately 6:40 P.M. Tanya Morris showed up and requested that RP give her a bed. She advised Tanya Morris that they had no beds available that they were all full, and that she would have to leave the property per shelter policy. Tanya then stated to the rp “I’m not fucking leaving here”. At this point giving the fact that Tanya is known to be violent she called the police.

I then walked over to Tanya, who was sitting down on a picnic table, and advised her that she was late for the lottery and that they had no beds available for her and that she would have to leave the property per shelter policy. Tanya advised me that she was not leaving. I made several attempts to advise Tanya where she could find shelter for the night but she stated “I’m not leaving here arrest me”. At this point, while Tanya was sitting down, I advised her that she was under arrest and for her to place her arms behind her back. At this point I along with Officer Pasqualino grabbed Tanya’s arms and began to place them behind her back, Tanya then attempted to stand up and began to flay her arms making it difficult for us to handcuff her. After a brief struggle she was placed in hand cuffs

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