Old Somerville Dirty Politics, The Drama Continues!




By William Tauro

Last week we posted a story regarding dirty old Somerville politics back by popular demand!

Well it’s here again for the second time this week.

Now this time its three different individuals but now all their signs read that they are complaining about “Rats and Assembly Sq.”

When we interviewed the three gentlemen again regarding all the signs, none of them would give us their name nor where they are from, nor where they live or who is hosting the protest.

After being asked all the above questions, this was their answers:

“We can’t tell you”, We can’t tell you”,”We can’t tell you”, “We don’t want to get in trouble”

But they did say that they would have somebody call us that is very close to Somerville who is organizing this protest.

But after two days, no return call yet.

Again all of this seems like a big smoke show and it leads us to believe that it’s somebody gearing up for a political run and using the city of Somerville as their soapbox, but the sad part is that they are being cowards behind the scenes instead of manning up and coming forward.

What’s your opinion?

Previous story written last week:

Is Old Somerville Dirty Politics Back by Unpopular Demand?

By William Tauro
Banners are being displayed in various sections of the city by the same three or four protesters that have been noticed by some and explained by none.
The message on their banners is very clear that reads “Wrong for Union Square” , “No National Development” and “No Federal Realty”.
It looks very much like that they are trying to send us a helpful message, a message that “it’s bad for Somerville” but after interviewing all four protesters on two separate traffic islands in the middle of Union Square, the message is very clear that it just might be a dirty political move on someone’s part.
This appears to be a protest trying to discourage the people of Somerville from supporting one of the biggest landlords and employers that the city of Somerville has ever seen, Federal Realty and Partners Health Care.
During our interviews with the four protesters on Wednesday, when we asked them the following questions “What is the protest about and who is behind it”, we got the following answers:
1) One protester replied that Federal Realty isn’t using union workers on the job site!” But when we asked him “Why doesn’t neither of your banners reflect that”, he had no answer for us.
2) The Second protester that we asked the same question “What is the protest about and who is behind it he replied he replied “They’re trying to take property by eminent domain”.
But when we asked him “Why doesn’t neither of your banners reflect that”, he had no answer for us.
3) The third protester when asked the same question ” What is the protest about and who is behind it he replied “No Comment!”
4) The forth protester when asked the same question ” What is the protest about and who is behind it he replied ” They want to build up Union Square and we don’t want this!”
We replied with “Are you from Somerville and who is sponsoring the protest?” he replied with “No I’m not but there are Aldermen behind this!”
When we asked him “Who, which alderman”, he had no immediate response for us but did say “That’s all I know but you can call this number right here in my phone and ask for a Mark .”
When we called the cell phone number provided to us, a gentleman answered whispering hello in a low quiet raspy voice and when we asked “Could we talk to you about the Union Square protesters” he Immediately asked that we “call him back in five to six hours between 2:30 and 3:00pm?”
We called him back at 2:30pm and left a message, then we called back again at 3:00pm and left a message, again at 4:00pm and at 5:00pm and left more messages.
We also tried calling back again two different times on Thursday with no luck.
Unfortunately no calls were returned and no messages were answered!
So in our opinion on this and with nobody taking responsibility nor any names one can only presume that it is either a union worker that has gone rogue and helping a potential political candidate who organized this protest and trying to gain some cheap political fame or its a poor attempt to launch a dirty political campaign or both.
You decide!

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