To the liberals’ delight Obama unleashes 36,000 criminals onto the street By Neil W. McCabe

A year ago, Washington was wondering whether the Democrats would play nice-nice in order to salvage their Senate majority? Or would the Democrats play smash-and-grab to push through as much of their liberal
agenda as possible before the American people tossed them out.
One of the most egregious examples of the smash-and-grab act of this dying regime was the 2013 release of 36,000 criminal aliens to our streets.
But really, who is shocked?
President Barack Obama is completely disconnected from the suffering his policies have wrought on the American people. More criminals on the streets means nothing to him, except for the political points he will score with the immigration interests.
Obama claimed that the releases were mandated by a 2001 Zadvydas v. Davis Supreme Court decision, which limits the time an aliens to six months, if there is no likelihood of their near-term deportation.
This situation comes about when either the country of origin refuses to accept back the alien or the administration is just running out the clock with no intention of deporting anybody.
Given that by law, the State Department can shut off entry visas for any country that refuses our refuge aliens, methinks it is clear that Obama was running out the clock, so he could get more aliens out into the streets, where their dependence on government programs and their making mayhem drive up the budgets of the public sector agencies so fortunate.
What about public safety? Oh, well, Obama is also working to disarm Americans, so they are ever more at the mercy of monsters he unleashed upon them.
The Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies released a study of Obama’s release of 36,000 criminals, “ICE Document Details 36,000 Criminal Alien Releases in 2013” that digs into the details and asks why Obama, Secretary of State John F. Kerry and his predecessor Hillary Clinton are not held accountable for this heinous act.
Among the 36,000 released, there were 88,000 convictions, including 193 for homicide, 426 for sexual assault, 303 for kidnapping, 1075 for aggravated assault, 1,160 for stolen vehicles and 9,187 for dangerous drugs.
Remember Uncle Omar? Among the aliens released there were 16,070 convictions for drunk driving.
Interesting, in the Obama Release Class of 2013, there were 303 convictions for fleeing justice. Talk about an archaic charge in the Age of Obama.
In these transformative times, though, nothing seems as archaic as the very notion of a border, as Congress determined that Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers declined to bring immigration charges in 68,000 cases of criminal aliens they interacted with in 2013.
But, hey whatever.
There are two things you have to know when dealing with liberals.
First, they only accept judgment on their intentions, not the actual results.
Second, because liberals are wealthy and connected, they never suffer the consequences of their schemes. Their kids attend private schools or secret list public schools, set aside for the herrenvolk. Their neighborhoods are safe and well-patrolled and their offices have security guards.
When it comes to amnesty for illegal aliens, the liberals are quick to cloak themselves in the mantle of justice. If you want to know why liberals really support amnesty for illegals, wander through the kitchens and sinks of the fancy restaurants, where liberals eat. Check out who tends to the lawns and gardens at liberals’ home and inside, who is taking care of their children.
Of course, what is done is done.
Liberals will continue to live their enchanted lives telling enchanted tales of the paradises they wish for the rest of us.
Meanwhile, back on Reality Street, our unsafe lives just became less safe.

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  1. What is this drivel? It’s like listening to Sarah Palin – it sounds superficially as if something is being communicated, until you actually /listen/ to the words and realize it’s just random non-sequiturs and strawman arguments.

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