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Teixeira Arrest

On 05/09/2014 I, Officer Brioso was in full uniform assigned to marked unit East 2. At approximately 12:25pm I was dispatched to Salon 22 located at Summer St. for a report of a Robbery in progress. Officer Sullivan was also dispatched as the backup unit.

Upon my arrival, I observed a male identified as TEIXEIRA, Manny and a female, in front the hair salon smoking a cigarette. TEIXEIRA stated that he had gotten into an altercation with his ex girlfriend, at his house located at Elm St. Cambridge, MA. TEIXEIRA also stated that during the altercation witness took his cellular phone fled the scene. At that point TEIXEIRA proceeded to witness place of business located at Summer St. in an attempt to retrieve his cellular phone. TEIXEIRA admitted to taking money out of the cash register because he needed it to buy a new phone.

Officer Sullivan spoke to victim. During the conversation, TEIXEIRA handed victim $181 out of his pocket. Officer Sullivan asked why TEIXEIRA was handing her money. She stated it must be money from the cash register. The money was seized and tagged into evidence.

Victim arrived at Summer St. a short time later. She stated that TEIXEIRA was supposed to baby sit their child but never showed up. She then drove to his house in Cambridge and confronted TEIXEIRA and his new girlfriend. victim got into a physical altercation with TEIXEIRA and his girlfriend. She stated that TEIXEIRA may have lost his phone during the altercation before she left the scene. She then received a phone call from TEIXEIRA stating that he was at her hair salon and was taking money out of the cash register. TEIXEIRA was counting aloud the money as he was emptying the cash register while on the phone wither.

Victim went over to the cash register and noticed that all of the money had been removed. She stated that she had a log of all the transactions that were made and could provide it if needed. TEIXEIRA was placed under arrest for Unarmed robbery and advised of his Miranda Right’s.

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