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Schiavo Arrest

On Saturday 05/10/14, I was in uniform patrol assigned to marked cruiser WEST 667. At approximately 11:46AM, I was dispatched along with Ofc. Jones and Ofc. Beckford, to the above
address for a male hitting a female. Upon arrival I was flagged down by the reporting parties. RP pointed to the shirtless male suspect identified as Nicholas Schiavo. I spoke to Nicholas while Ofc. Beckford and Ofc. Jones interviewed both reporting parties and female victim. Nicholas stated that he was a passenger in his motor vehicle while his recent ex girlfriend, was operating. Nicholas stated he had an argument with her over a faulty sensor light that was located on the dashboard. Nicholas stated that she slammed on the breaks to a complete stop and began striking him. Nicholas stated that she began to pull his shirt causing it to come off as he made an attempt to step out of the motor vehicle.

After speaking with Nicholas, Ofc. Beckford informed me that she stated that Nicholas grabbed her by the throat when she questioned Nicholas over a check that she wrote out to A Affordable Auto Insurance. Victim wanted to know how Nicholas managed to put the money into his bank account when it was not written out to him. She stated to Ofc. Beckford that Nicholas grew angry and grabbed her by the throat and strangled her to the point where she could not breathe. She stated that she pulled on his shirt and scratched him to get him off of her. He then exited the vehicle and walked towards his apartment.

While Ofc. Jones spoke to the reporting parties, they stated that they witnessed Nicholas strangle the victim in the vehicle, as they were walking by on North St.

Based on the findings, Mr. Nicholas Schiavo was placed under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

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