Somerville High Pre Prom Assembly



By William Tauro

This past Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Tony Pierantozzi and the Somerville Public School Department hosted a Pre Prom Assembly event in the library of the Somerville High School.

Over one hundred students of the SHS senior class were in attendance at the event to hear guest speakers talk about prom safety.

Among guest speakers and special invited guest were, Middlesex District Attorney, Marian Ryan, Margie Daniels, MPY Executive Director, Somerville Police Chief Charles Femino, Deputy Police Chief Michael Cabral, John Oteri, SHS Principal, SHS Housemaster Team John Breslin, James Mucci It Team.

Opening Remarks from Master of Ceremonies, John Oteri was then followed by DA Marian Ryan who spoke to the students.

Somerville Acting Police Chief, Charles Femino spoke to the class on the dangers of “Social Host Law” as well.

Letter to The Somerville News Weekly

Every year the Somerville Police Department in a collaborative effort with Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, Somerville High School, and Somerville Cares about Prevention, participates in the “Pre-Prom Drug & Alcohol” presentation. This event provides us with an opportunity to speak to Somerville High School Seniors, who are just weeks away from Prom and Graduation. This is a very proud and exciting time for the seniors and their families. But; as we’ve seen and read about tragedies in other communities, it’s also a time of tragic deaths and severe injuries as a result of alcohol / drug use. We emphasize that there are consequences, if you make a bad decision or choice. This senior class is an outstanding group who has shown they are leaders and have Somerville pride! Since this program began, Somerville has had a lot of success stories and students have stepped up to look out for not only themselves, but their friends. We congratulate the class of 2014 and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Deputy Chief Cabral





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